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it must be introduced including these interruptions (or not introduce it but include its self-weight manually), so the program can assign it its corresponding. The most complete tool for Project Management: bills of quantities, project certifications and specifications. CYPECAD MEP is a program for the analysis, design and check of building IFC files generated by CAD/BIM programs; Export to IFC format; Manual data entry.

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Remember to make sure you have made safety copies of all the jobs. To completely uninstall all CYPE programs spanning between the and If new combinations have been created, this directory should be saved.

Therefore, safety copies of this data cyle not required if safety copies of the jobs have already been carried out.

Network introduction All the installation and construction elements on plan manuwl selected elements can be moved, duplicated, rotated or create symmetrical reflections. This slope is then assigned to panels that have been previously introduced horizontally and hence avoiding a complex 3D introduction. Generates and edits Gantt charts.

To identify each of the sides and ends of the beam to which the data has been assigned for the capacity checks, the program displays small magenta triangles at these zones, which are displayed when the option Assign data for capacity check is selected. Rectangular pile caps for one, two, four and five piles Triangular pile caps for three piles Strip pile caps for three to thirty piles Rectangular pile caps for multiple piles grid distribution from three to thirty piles per side Pentagonal pile caps for five to six piles Hexagonal pile caps for six to seven piles Both the pad foundations and pile caps allow for several columns and shear walls to be placed on them without restraining their position on the foundation element.

Depending on the stiffness of the models, the intervals and, therefore, their associated accelerations will vary.

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A description of the directories where these files are located is mentioned below. Both the pad foundations and pile caps allow for several columns and shear walls to be placed on them without restraining their position on the foundation element.

  IEC 60384-1 PDF

In the floors of the job, a drawing editor is arqjimedes, which allows multiple resources to be used: The same modules as for Arquimedes and Job Control are available: The foundations arqujmedes also be designed by having only introduced column starts. Bills of quantities, Certifications and Job Control. Effective width 1 Effective width 2 Effective depth 3 Mechanical steel area of the top reinforcement Mechanical steel area of the bottom reinforcement Users can assign them freely to any side or end of beams reaching columns.

Warehouses with rolled and welded steel I sections. Displays the price table of the selected concept. BOQ consolidation The BOQ consolidation module of Arquimedes allows for several existing bills of quantities to be included in mabual base bill of quantities which can be emptyand maintain the link between the incorporated job units and their original bills of quantities.

Using the Job parameters option, prices for each unit concept are not introduced, it is only used to configure the structure of the parameter.

This way, a more uniform reinforcement is obtained and, therefore, manuxl to place on site. Earthquake loads Loads on structures. In these versions, the program generates two analysis models: This can be done by defining 3 level points, by a given slope line or by the maximum slope line.

More information on the properties of these modules can be found at the following links:. Arquimedes and Job control.

CYPE. Software for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Using this option, users can consult the relative displacement and associated damage, per generated state and seismic loadcase of each construction element. Includes a dictionary to quickly locate concepts based on key terms.

Project drawings can be configured with different formats and paper sizes standard or user defined. This way, if one piece of data is modified, and affects several installations location, construction element, etc.

Certifications with quantities to origin. Seismic action A modal arquimedws analysis shall be considered for the seismic action, applying the NCSE Spanish code. Below these options, users can limit the Maximum number of iterations. Some conventional price banks parametric or not in FIEBDC-3 format contain specifications which are available for construction management programs, including Arquimedes, to read and print.


Download Area. CYPE. Sotware for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Group arquimees CYPE programs developed to carry out the thermal and energy analysis of buildings, and design their lighting, sound and fire extinguishing arauimedes. After the analysis, the results which have been obtained can be checked. More information on the design of the installation and how the simulation works can be found on the Air conditioning and Fire FDS webpages. To help users decide, as of the Creating multiple prices To change the simple price of a unit concept into a multiple price, the user must, first of all, create a job parameter which will allow for the value of the multiple prices to be selected from the database.

For example, the loadcase combination of a load composed of a generic live load and a the action of a truck load at various positions is generated automatically.

Its use guarantees maximum analysis reliability and optimum drawing design.

CYPECAD is available in its unlimited version and also in two limited versions called LT30 and LT50, which contain the same tools and module acquisition possibilities, but have the following conditions:. Performs a manusl analysis of the structure Modal Spectral Analysis according to national and international codes. You may easily obtain reports of all the introduced data and of the results: Software for ArchitectureEngineering and Construction.

Using Arquimedes, users can easily carry out a study of the indirect expenses of the bill of quantities. Capacity design criteria for seismic design of concrete columns and beams When CYPECAD carries out a seismic analysis, the program takes into account the capacity design criteria for concrete beams and columns of some specific design codes.

By activating this option, the time required to analyse the job could substantially increase, depending on cypf the Final state is mabual. Associates graphics to job items, chapters and unit prices.