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If you make your triangle (60deg lathe tool) tool large, it intersects itself with each revolution, thus erroring out. If you throw a big chamfer on the. Find out all of the information about the MAKINO Europe GmbH product: 3-axis CNC machining center / vertical / compact / precision V56i. Contact a supplier or .

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Industrial Forum Existing user? The axis layout is designed with no overhangs to ensure outstanding accuracy over the full range of axis travel.

Prevention of lost motion Guideway backup mechanism provided by lubricating oil circuit. Get as many options as you can, I think there is what they call a mold and die package.

The machine would have been better off with a gearbox maybe??? It totally depends on the options. The V33i pursues absolute accuracy independent of warmed-up operation and compensation.

In installation environments with a low ceiling height, accuracy is apt to be affected by a warm air layer that stagnates abovethe machine.

Register a new account. The spindle design also incorporates the following:. With X- and Z-axes on the spindle and Y-axis under the table, the machine construction provides superior performance in a compact package. Machine structure for maximizing spindle performance The V33i and V56i is distinguished by an exceptionally low level of lost motion, thanks to its construction without any overhangs and short distance in each axis to the machining point.

Designed with no overhangs or unsupported areas, the V56i delivers outstanding accuracy over the full range of machine. Never misses the targeted accuracy.


Painstakingly polished to a precision finish, the guideways are integrated with the machine to provide superior accuracy and rigidity. Guideway hydraulic circuit Nano Slideway on the X-axis to reduce friction and heat generation, yet also maintain stringent control over geometries and accuracies. Just make sure the higher rpm spindle has the balls to do the work you are after. Believe it or not the inserts last longer and it is easier on those makio Hurco spindles.

V56i Graphite

I once heard said, “a good rule of thumb is you need 1HP for every 1, rpm to just drive the spindle i. The difference in the surface finish is obvious at a glance. If I were going to dedicate it to moldbases with the occasional core and cavity this is the only way to fly. Temperature control of the machine saddle and spindle carrier using oil passageways and temperature-controlled oil, ensuring tight control over saddle and carrier temperatures. This markedly reduces sliding resistance to suppress lost motion.

The spindle design also incorporates the following: Bruce, What kind of numbers do your Mazaks have in the horsepower and torque Lb. The V series will by you accuarcy values, and logevity 15 vs 12 years, but the costs make it prohibitive unless you need micron tolerances. I also have heard under good authority that the V56 is WAY better built than the S56 from top to bottom.

Vertical Machining Center Makino V56i

Posted February 18, Ball screw core cooling. We had the 25k spindle option added to our 2 Mazak variaxis and regret it, even though we do mainly aluminIum. Already have an account? I agree with you on the carosel on the S The Makino guy has been here since Monday replacing our linear guides and re-tramming the axes. Makono in with Twitter. Makino machines will deliver precise statistical performance and dramatically reduced cycle times. Introduction Never misses the targeted accuracy.


As an example, we have an ancient 2. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Sign up for a new account in our community. V6i have a Hurco here with the “sideways” carosel and if you have any deep holes to drill your screwed because of the length.

Core-cooled ballscrews on all axes, including temperature control of the bearings support bracket area and motor mounting area to maintain component temperatures.

By tooljockeyFebruary 16, in Industrial Forum. Sign In Sign Up. Subscribe to eMastercam News. Like HevyMetl said though, it totally depends on the work you do to justify the high cost of the V series.

Posted March 1, Also, with the hi-speed spindle and the advancement ma,ino programming and cutting tools in the last years I could probably whip-out bases a week!

Integrated construction of the spindle and drive motor rotor reduces vibration during high-speed operation. Posted March 2, Just priced one before Christmas so I asume the price is pretty much accurate.

V56i Graphite | Makino

Or sign in with one of these services. This should have all that you need.

The V56 is apx.