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Japanese Riichi Yaku List Hand Composition Yaku All Simples – Tanyao – (1) • Hand must not contain terminals, or 1’s or 9’s Triplet of Dragons, Round Wind. Yaku are hand patterns and/or luck situations in rīchi mahjong. To win a hand, besides it being a complete hand, it must have at least one scoring element. Mahjong on selfdraw (Tsumo). A player who has at least one yaku, can always declare mahjong, even if he is furiten. Riichi. Waiting on a concealed hand.

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To win a hand, besides yauk being a complete hand, it must have at least one scoring element, known as a yaku. Each yaku has an assigned han value which is used for scoring.

Mahjong yaku

This guarantees a scoring minimum and usually requires an additional element of skill in forming the hand. Dora tiles don’t count as yaku and they only increase han value.

A hand can have multiple yaku and their han values are cumulative up to 13, the han value of a yakuman. In other words, the yaku patterns may be combined in a single hand to earn multiple yaku mwhjong. Part of the strategy in mahjong is centered on maximizing this yaku count. Many yaku require that the hand be closed. A closed hand contains no called tiles, however, taking the winning tile from another player’s discard is acceptable.


If no requirement is stated, jahjong hand can be open or closed and the yaku is worth the same number of han in either case. Some of the yaku require that there isn’t an interruption, meaning that there are no called tiles nor are there any declarations of a kanincluding a closed a kanin a specific go-around.

Optional yaku

Viewers and readers are encouraged to eventually learn all of the yaku. English equivalent names are given for easier understanding of the yaku that aren’t said often in the anime, and for communicating these yaku yyaku others when playing other variations of mahjong.

Mentanpin yauk shorthand for a combination of menzen tsumo, tanyaoand pinfu. Yakuman are a separate class of yaku, where the maximum point limit to a hand is applied. With these patterns, the calculation based on han and fu no longer apply, aside from the Mahmong yakuman. The following yakuman are automatically worth the limit in points based on their composition.

This is due to the difficulty in attaining them. Furthermore, the yaku s listed in above sections and any dora s no longer apply. The current Yyaku tournament rules don’t award double yakuman s, although 1.

However, in other Saki tournaments or casual play, some yakuman may be worth double; and further still, some yakuman may be combined with each other to achieve double, or even triple yakuman s. Some may still count this as a single yakuman.


The following three yakuman s involve winning in the first go-around. Any interruptions, including a declaration of a closed kanends the first go-around.

Any complete composition is acceptable. Since no interruptions are allowed, all of these hands mahhong be closed. The following yaku are all optional. Per house rules, they can be added into the standard yaku listed above.

Optional yaku – Japanese mahjong wiki

Given the game of mahjong, an increasing number of combinations and patterns can be recognizable and applied. However, not all these patterns are included in the standard rules.

Furthermore, the optional yaku here are those commonly used. Mmahjong video on the yaku. Sign In Don’t have an account? Contents [ show ]. Saki anime episodes 18 and Saki Miyanaga ‘s hand fulfills the requirements for this yakumanbut she instead names off several yaku s and a dora to barely get a counted yakuman.

She also doesn’t count san renkou. Nor do the onlookers count san renkou after Saki’s 2nd dead-wall draw. Retrieved from ” http: