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Lutterloh Patterns, National Park. K likes. The Lutterloh Pattern Making system is the perfect solution for today’s busy sewer. Feel free to save this image to your computer so you can print it out as Take another look at your Lutterloh patterns and I hope you too will. Welcome to your best source for free Lutterloh tips and system Lutterloh Patterns Come Alive! The Lutterloh pattern needed some work.

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Supplement – Model 7 – Autumn I would like to start with directing you toward a stretch gauge chart for knit fabrics. Practical Dress Design by Mabel D. I didn’t want a pocket. My next project is already underway.

It’s not very encouraging for learners to use the Luterloh system when there is too much of adjustment to be made. Read all you can and it will make you feel more secure.

The child I made them for is only gree but I forged ahead anyway.


I have been through the Palmer Pletsch fitting class but didn’t quite get the look I wanted. I chose this simple dress pattern and modified it. It’s such a lovely time of year. Anonymous February 1, at 2: Makes everything very clear.

I love this blog! Hi, I managed to get the pattern printed but the nearest I could get it to was 13 x 18 cm. I had planned to join your group when it is finished so I can make ;atterns blouse to go under it. I have also had luck cropping and setting print size in photo editing software. The patherns is on the last page but I recommend everyone read the whole document.

Something for summer maybe? I didn’t do any contract fabrics.

We find they are happy just selling the pattern books. Often Lutterloh has us draw patterns with the princess seams connected at the cross mark.


Patricia Morrell June 26, at 2: Here are a couple of examples of what I came up with when playing around with my miniature patterns. I guess we modern folks just don’t wear aprons as a standard accessory anymore. Is there any way to tell in these luttfrloh books if the patterns are made for knits? There are already many pages on the internet devoted to demonstrating this technique.


This is an update for the older. In either case I say “ewww”. There are ten dots to draw for the back piece but only nine numbers.


My next one will likely be a long one with some shaping and nice details but I’m sure this one will last me a good long time. If you need fred really basic, everyday robe, this pattern is for you. I can’t get the pattern to print out at If you want to help just lutterlkh the front pattern.

The only design change I made to this pattern was to leave off the side zipper.