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Lucian Boia has 49 books on Goodreads with ratings. Lucian Boia’s most popular book Balcic: micul paradis al României Mari by. Lucian Boia. avg . Borderland of Europe Lucian Boia , , Balcic , Balkan mountains 16 Balkan peninsula 9, 11, 17, , 44, 47, 50, 52, 61 Balkans RomaniaLucian Boia Romania topographics in the same series Fragments Library Cataloguing in Publication Data Boia, Lucian Romania: borderland of Europe. Marie’s great love, though, was Balcic, a village on the rocky coast of the.

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Books by Lucian Boia

After the abrupt fall of the Ceausescu regime, the Romanian policy-makers were faced with the daunting challenge of re-structuring an obsolete educational system, which was mass- producing obedience towards a unitary teleological vision of the “socialist nation” Petrescu: Instead of following main-stream public discourse which was constantly including issues on perceived Hungarian revisionism Bbalcic John Timbs, Murat Ukray.

Unsurprisingly, this provides a fertile ground for vicious circle effects both for de-mystification efforts as well as for hard-core supporters of the old interpretations. Bernard Granville Baker, Murat Ukray.

Joseph Conrad, Murat Ukray. The background is not purely political rhetoric, as historians themselves seem to be locked into a debate in which everyone espouses a more “truthful” history than the other. It is important to bear in mind this stake since it appears to be the center of the normative vicious circle around which both sides of the debate gravitate. A broad comparative overview between Mitu’s textbook and the available alternatives uncovers the following differences: Victor Hugo, Isabel F.

Books by Lucian Boia (Author of De ce este România altfel?)

Agent Nine and the Jewel Mystery. Skip to main content.


Instead of an integration of regional narratives, the Romanian education system made it clear to its pupils that EU integration is not an ongoing process but part and parcel of some sort of “national pride”. Ioan Aurel Pop is a member of the Romanian Academy sincewith a specialization in medieval institutions Pop: Introduction1 While the grass-roots outbursts of “hot” nationalism fizzled out after the violent clashes of the early 90s prominent being the Targu Mures conflictthe out-of-the-blue intense politicization of a history textbook debate in and the quasi-meteoric rise to public fame of Prof.

In reality though, reconciliation with the past was a feeble process which glossed with bwlcic ease over communist influence on historiography, considering it a mere boua with the totalitarian state rather than analyzing its very intricate effects. History-teaching reform in Eastern Europe followed three important dimensions: Phipps Colonel, Murat Ukray. The envisaged liberalization would entail a renouncing of the communist teleology, a re-consideration of the exaggerations concerning Romania’s history.

Consequently it seems rather clear that cultural reproduction in post- socialist Romania was still revolving around national identity.

Poems of William Blake. Beyond the textbooks – historians, historiography and nationalism in post-communist Romania The point here is to analyze the intellectual background on which the Romanian textbook scandal fell: Help Center Find new research papers in: Edmund Sharpe, Murat Ukray.

The World Set Free.

Balcic, Lucian Boia ~ intalnire cu autorul si cu cartea

A coherent reaction in the form of a book appeared as early asbut got better traction rather late inin the guise of Ioan Pop’s Istoria, Adevarurile si Miturile[History, Truth and Myths].

Consequently, it feels safer to assume that at a grass-roots level the scandal was perceived through a political lens: Rather I would concur with the argument that what should have been an academic debate was quickly enveloped in politics, pointing towards the direction that this clash was perceived by society as a manifestation of “conflicting interests” Nalin: To be fair to the sides, I am not arguing that they are putting forward pseudo-scientific research, rather that the conclusions they seem to draw have less to do with history than with the politics of nation-branding and nation-building.


The first major shock came as a result of Romania’s efforts to join the EU, namely the late 90s-early s European recommendation of moving towards liberalized history teaching emphasizing the European dimension of regional evolutions. By employing a constructivist definition of historical myths Boia attempts a blending in of modernist theories on nationalism Boia often quotes Anderson’s classical works for instance, Anderson: Although this stepping back to a more theoretical level might seem a bit far from the very concrete issue of high-school text- books, one can argue that it is impossible to consider text-book authors as a “special group” of historians to be delineated from the broader academic debates.

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The Essentials of Illustration. Summing up, there are a few key issues to be noted. Henrik Ibsen, Murat Ukray.

Oscar Wilde, Murat Ukray. In itself this points bbalcic a clear direction: Romanian national history is not only a myth, but it is a bad myth in the sense of espousing non-Western values Boia: All things considered, nationalism in post-socialist Romania appears not to be a freak occurrence, nor is it a persona non grata of public discourse.

What I am arguing is that on a large scale i.

Much more abrupt is the textbook’s stance on 19th century nation-building: