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When Noble laureate HIV researcher Luc Montagnier discovered that certain bacterial and viral DNA sequences dissolved in water causes. Authors:Luc Montagnier, Emilio Del Giudice, Jamal Aïssa, Claude the DNA information (sequence) is shown by retrieval of that same DNA by. To cite this article: L Montagnier et al J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. Abstract. Some bacterial and viral DNA sequences have been found to induce low frequency.

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In NovemberRobert registered a patent for the process of homing in on a “biochemical element presenting a biological activity through the analysis of low-frequency electromagnetic signals. The EM signals are not linearly correlated with the initial number of bacterial cells before filtration.

Montagnier has long been seen as something of a maverick, but in recent years some have accused him of descending into quackery. HIV isolates usually have a high degree of variability because the virus mutates rapidly. Montagnier considers himself an intellectual heir to the controversial French scientist Jacques Benveniste, who claimed in a Nature paper that water can retain “memories” of compounds even when diluted at a very high level—a claim that caused a sensation in the press and was taken as support of homeopathy by its proponents, but that other scientists weren’t able to replicate.

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DNA teleportation

Living Rainbow H 2 O – Dr. In other words, dn information in a DNA strand could be transmitted, via water, by electromagnetic emissions. Wieschaus Peter C. During the PRC step of the experiment, this remaining signal could have contained the necessary information for the initial DNA to be reconstructed. Mae-Wan Ho and Dr.

Now, new results from his lab appear to show that the DNA sequence itself could be reconstituted from the electromagnetic signal.


CS1 French-language sources fr Webarchive template wayback links Wikipedia articles that are incomprehensible from September All Wikipedia articles that are incomprehensible All articles with failed verification Articles with failed verification from September This page was last edited on 27 Novembermontagnieg Montagnier says the issue is actually getting less controversial as fresh evidence for his claims is coming ljc.

Some bacteria do not produce the EM signals at least in the range detected by the instrumentas in the case of probiotic bacteria such as Lactobacillusand also some lab strains of E.

To do the test, all the ingredients necessary for synthesizing the DNA by the polymerase chain reaction — nucleotides, primers, polymerase enzyme – were added to the tube with the pure water that had gained the EM signal.

Archived from the original on 13 April It was 98 percent identical to the sequence of DNA from which the EM signals originated only 2 out of basepairs were different. The magnetic field produced by the external generator is maintained for 18 hours at room temperature. It is proposed by Montagnier [11] that some molecules interact through electromagnetic waves instead of direct contact. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The paper has been met with harsh criticism for not being peer-reviewed, and its claims unsubstantiated by modern mainstream conventions of physics and chemistry. Montagnier and his team examined samples taken from Rozenbaum’s AIDS patients and found the virus that would later become known as HIV in a lymph node biopsy.

Although fellow Nobel prize winners — who view homeopathy as quackery — were left openly shaking their heads, Montagnier’s comments were rapidly embraced by homeopaths eager for greater credibility.

DNA waves don’t wash | Opinion | Chemistry World

The instrument montagnir to detect the electromagnetic EM signals consists of a solenoid a coil of wire that detects the magnetic component of the waves produced by the DNA solution in a plastic tube as it induces an electric current in the wire. Paul Krugman United States. Philip Ball wrote an analysis about Montagnier’s work in Chemistry World dan, stating “It looks like one of the most astonishing discoveries in a century, yet it was almost entirely ignored.


Mae-Wan Ho and others. The finding also dovetails with evidence that molecules intercommunicate by electromagnetic signals, which bring them together for biochemical reactions see [5] The Real Bioinformatics RevolutionSiS This paper was submitted on 3 Januaryrevised on 5 Januaryand accepted on 6 January “, leading him to ask: A copper solenoid is placed around the tubes and they were exposed to a low intensity electric current oscillating at 7 Hz produced by an external generator.

Absence of bacterial DNA was ascertained by polymerase chain reaction. But the claims were unambiguous. This compromise allowed Montagnier and Gallo to end their feud and collaborate with each other again, writing a chronology that appeared in Nature that year.

Montagnier was also questioned on his beliefs about homeopathy, to which he replied: The Physics Of Organisms.

Comment Omntagnier on this article Comments may be published. The experiment was highly reproducible, 12 out of 12 times; and was also repeated with another DNA sequence from the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferithe agent of Lyme disease.

Luc Antoine Montagnier French: But many scientists have been extremely skeptical.