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RAČUNARSKE MREŽE. Play. Pause. Play. Pause. Možete preuzeti prezentacije u pdf formatu. Lokalne i globalne računarske File Size: kb. QR code for Lokalne računarske mreže. Title, Lokalne računarske mreže. Author, Faruk Turčinhodžić. Publisher, Elektrotehnički fakultet, Test znanja iz lekcije LOKALNE RACUNARSKE MREZE . U ovoj vrsti mreže nalazi se jedan računar poznat pod nazivom server koji je snaga mreže. Objasniti.

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Zaštita računarskih mreža — Википедија, слободна енциклопедија

In this way, students will have basis for application of studied material in engineering applications. Student who during the semester earned 40 or more points will take a final oral exam; the exam consists of discussion of the problems from partial exams, home assignments and answers to simple questions related to course topics.

Student who during the semester earned 20 or more points and less than 40 points takes a makeup exam. Lectures consist of theoretical part, presentational descriptive examples, genesis and resolution of specific tasks.


Only students who, after passing the written part of the makeup exam managed to earn a total score of 40 or more points, can take an oral makeup exam, where the score consists of points earned through attending classes, lokalen assignments, passing partial exams and passing the written part of makeup exam. To get a positive final grade, students must earn a minimum of 20 points at this exam.

WiFi HotSpot i Računalne Mreže – ZL media

Additional examples and exam tasks are discussed and solved during the laboratory exercises. Oral makeup exam provides maximum of 40 points.

Students who do not earn this minimum must retake this course. Final oral exam provides maximum of 40 points. Students will acquire basic theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of administration and work with computer networks.

Also, students will get theoretical and practical knowledge mrezf the area of distributed systems as well as protocols for their inter connections. Students will learn about the theory, problems and applicative examples within thematic units, through lectures.


Distributed systems basic concepts: To get a positive final grade, students in this exam must earn a minimum of 20 points. During the course students will earn points according to the following system: The makeup exam is structured as follows: Laboratory practice and home assignments will enable students continuous work and knowledge verification. Distributed operating systems services Distributed operating systems Resource usage Distributed transactions Replications Distributed multimedia systems Security File and name systems.

Students who do not earn this minimum will take a makeup oral exam.