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Llana de Gathol. Home · Llana de Burroughs, Edgar Rice – Mars 10 – Llana of Gathol (2) Edgar Rice Burroughs – Mars Chronicles 10 – Llana of Gathol. Llana of Gathol, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, free ebook. It was then that I gave the coup de grâce to my beaten and bloody adversary; and, leaving him where. Llana of Gathol has ratings and 62 reviews. Joseph said: Maybe a Published July 12th by Del Rey (first published ). More Details Original.

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It was wondering what had become of us. The Invaks have a rival twin city called Onvak which they fight quite ineffectively since both sides are invisible.

Llana de Gathol

The other man was feeling of his own face and looking at the dust he wiped from it. The act was more eloquent than words. The feet themselves are heavily padded and nailless. He forced his way through the crowd, and the moment he laid eyes upon me he recognized his belongings. There was a murmur of approval from those of the fine company of nobles and their women who were within earshot. Before Ho Ran Kim could formulate any objections we were out of the audience chamber and on our way to the pits of Horz, and I can tell you that I was glad to be out of sight of that kindly and considerate tyrant.

That would have been the final and deadly insult.

ERB Biblio Llana of Gathol

He was presumably embalmed by Lee Um Lothe ancient artist of embalmers. It was evident that they were slaves, and their presence suggested the gathoo which might await us. We are all good at it, but I happen to have won the Jeddak’s trophy for the last three years; so I was pretty sure of my ground when I offered to get you a thoat, although I had never before used it to kill game.


John Carter paints himself red and sneaks into the Panar lines.

Whoever you may be, permit me to assure you that my sword is always in your service. Like their huge masters, they are entirely devoid of hair, but are a dark slate color and are exceedingly smooth and glossy. The girlRojas, accompanying Motus leaves the bully unconscious in the street. Perhaps I am the materialization of some long dead warrior of another age. Before my eyes, Kam Han Tor commenced to shrink and crumble.

Carter learns that Llana is being held in the quarters of the female slaves and that Ptantus and Pnoxus are arguing over her. It’s hard to take the standard Burroughsian action up the requisite notch to make it satirical.

We shall go away, carrying the secret of the forgotten people of Horz with us, no matter what you do; but you must know that neither of us would use our knowledge to bring harm to your people. There is boxing, wrestling and duels.

An officer, who was evidently in charge of the proceedings, came and stood in front of me. I still can’t give it a higher rating, as I really can’t say that I enjoyed it, but I dug this pit, the least I can do is stand in it. Let’s try to get out of here. Had she wished to spurn his offer, she would have returned his sword to him point first. Not only Nastor, Xaxak and the jeddak Doxus are present at the stadium, but also Llana, who is there with Nastor.

Pan Dan Chee declares that he lays his heart at Llana’s feet, at which Llana replies “You may pick it up, I am tired and wish to sleep.

If we could but reach it, we would be safe, for the great thoats and zitidars of the green men could not possibly negotiate it. Post a guard here at gathil gates, with orders to kill us if we try to escape. There are fathol discussion topics on this book yet. Of course this was wishful thinking, but it was also quite accurate thinking. They let me rest for a few moments, and then a slave entered the apartment with a tray of very tempting food which he offered to me.


The weight of these rifles is comparatively little; and with the small caliber, explosive radium projectiles which they use and the great length of the barrel, they are deadly in the extreme and at ranges which would be unthinkable on Earth.

I was proud to fight at the side of such a man. At the same time I was doing a little thinking on my own account. The Lesser Games are described and compared with a minor race meet. Like all the Barsoom books, this combines the best of classic science fiction with lots of sword-play, adventure, and space ships that are more like galleons.

Carter applies as a flier to Odwar Phor San, who is drunk.

Llana of Gathol

It seems incredible that their works should still exist; but there are many things on Mars incredible to the narrow, earthbound men of our little speck of dust. He was like llans, yet unlike.

I could see from my porthole that we were losing altitude—just dropping slowly lower and lower—and directly another warrior came gatohl my cabin and said that I was wanted in the control room again.

Next he questions his crew of 23 men: I could even hear the heavy breathing of the fighters. Apr 10, Tony Santo rated it really liked it. ERB explains Martian time in detail.