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In Ann Petry’s short story “Like a Winding Sheet,”. Johnson is a black male struggling with racism and societal pressures. Johnson faces many challenges. Running Head: ANN PETRY “LIKE A WINDING SHEET” 1 Ann Petry “Like a Winding Sheet” Name Institution affiliation ANN PETRY “LIKE A WINDING SHEET” 2. (); “You look like a huckleberry in a winding sheet. Ann Petry uses foreshadowing and symbolism towards Johnson’s character to show.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Ann petry like a winding sheet. This shows a higher degree of racial discrimination exists in today’s world.

In spite of the odds Dani Alves picked the banana and ate it. This was a surprise to many across the whole world. This heroic act of zheet racial discrimination sparks a great debate in social media and major international televisions in the world. This incident is just one example of many happening in our societies. There are many cases of oppression and discrimination in the workplace and no matter how much effort we put in fighting it, it is still in existence.

This is a disease o f the past and it is being transferred from one generation to next by a zheet of people who are resistance to change.

These people are adamant to accept change for a worthy course. If people had learned and accept change in attitude towards snn, then no cases of discrimination would have been seen or heard of in our society today.

Discrimination and oppression are existing in our society today. There are always in headlines of news and major discussions on various social media platforms.

This is evident also in Ann Petry “Like a winding sheet” when Johnston, who is working at a plant belonging to a white is discriminated and oppressed at the workplace. He is discriminated by color because he is a black.

He is oppressed because, despite his anb in bad condition, he is supposed to report to pdtry and do his job as usual. This he does in pain and the job is tedious without rest in the whole 10 hours.

Ahn exist many forms of discrimination and oppression in the story “Like a winding sheet”. It is evident well in the lives of Johnson and his Wife Mae. The first discrimination is that of husband discriminating his wife for just being a woman.


This is seen when Johnson slaps Mae at the end of the story only because he referred to him as nigger jokingly.

Like a Winding Sheet

It was not expected because earlier at work place the white lady had called him the same and he manages to control himself. There is also the oppression of workers in the workplace. When we are taken to a workplace vy Johnson works, the environment itself is unsafe for the workers.

The workers would get accidents, and no one would bother. The same worker is expected to report to work despite having injuries in the body.

This form of oppression is seen to be the center of social injustice seen at the workplace. The whites in the story show a form of shset discrimination aa the blacks. The first case is seen when Mrs. Stock who is a white and forelady at the plant referred Johnson as nigger. She goes ahead and says that the niggers blacks are worst when reporting to the workplace.

This is not a fair comment because she emphasized and she was hungry. She went ahead and apologized after realizing she has hurt Johnson.

There is also another incidence of racial discrimination when at the all-night restaurant the coffee is exhausted when Johnson turn to fetch is the reach. This cannot be just a mere coincidence because all who were ahead of him was served. The government is not putting any efforts to ensure that the workers’ rights are protected.

They are suffering in the hands of the employers who do not care about their health. They are required to work extra hard and for long hours against their will. There are also using the old tools that require a lot of human efforts when compared with the mechanical systems. The existing government does not intervene for the workers thus the employers’ benefits by infringing the rights of the workers to gain maximum revenue from their firms. The discrimination has brought about the level of lifestyles in the society.

There is the class of those of who are rich and the poor. The workers cannot complain because they will end up losing their job. Poverty has reigned in the setting of the story. We are introduced to the Johnson family where we can observe that they belong to the middle level of income. This has had the impact on their daily wineing where they have to work hard to maintain the family. They have to report to the job even when they do not feel well. This pettry because they fear to lose their only job and source of income.


The oppression in the workplace renders them just workers without the human part. They are just seen only as factors of production. They also get tired and need to rest. Discrimination and oppression are the bases of evils in the society we are living in today.

Many people would feel discouraged in the face of oppression and would lose hope in many of his dreams and ambitions. Other would express dissatisfaction in violent ways including even suicides and homicide cases.

The government needs to put more efforts in the fight against this vice of discrimination.

Like A Winding Sheet by on Prezi

We all are victims in one way or the other because pwtry live in the world where we have many different types of ethnicity and personalities. We sheef all embrace change through civilization. We are losing a lot of lives through this act of suicides and homicides. Think of that child who is the laughing stock of the class just for being the only black in the class of whites!

We lose a lot in our economic growth due to sheft strikes in the various big organizations. There is a lot of time lost when workers are involved in the demonstration. This time is utility wasted when it would have well been utilized to increase production. We are the one to take actions against discrimination and change the world.

It is all about you and me to make the world a better place to live in today. If we unite in the fight against the oppression and discrimination, then we are surely going to overcome and live in harmony.

Young, Working and Black: AIDS-related discrimination in the workplace–the results of two evaluative surveys carried out during a three-year period in Hong Kong.

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