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Since my service in the British Mission as a young man, I have enjoyed British humor. It is sometimes characterized by a self-deprecating, modest, humble approach to life. An example of this is how novieembre is portrayed. British summers are relatively short and unpredictable.

There is an analogy in this humor to our life on this beautiful earth. The scriptures are clear that our precious mortal existence is a very short time. It could be said that from an eternal perspective, our time on earth liaona as fleeting as a British summer. The prophet Moses was raised in what some today might call a privileged background.

As recorded in the Pearl of Great Price, the Lord, preparing Moses for his prophetic assignment, gives him an overview of the world and all the children of men which oiahona and were created.

Li k’utuk sa’ li ochoch—Jun loq’laj teneb’ahom ut re sahil ch’oolejil – Xb’aan laj Devin G. Durrant

Subsequently, God, in what amounts to a rebuttal to any feelings of unimportance that Moses may have felt, proclaimed His true purpose: We are all equal before God. His doctrine is clear. Unfortunately, in our day in almost every segment of society, we see self-importance and arrogance flaunted while humility and accountability to God are denigrated. Much of society has lost its moorings and does not understand why we are on this earth. It is foolish to underestimate the necessity of continuously striving for these Christlike qualities and attributes on a day-by-day basis, particularly humility.

The scriptures are clear that while this life is relatively short, it is incredibly significant. The Savior, even as a member of the Godhead, was willing to come to earth as a lowly infant and begin an existence that included teaching and healing His brothers and sisters and ultimately suffering indescribable pain in Gethsemane and on the cross novimbre order to perfect His Atonement.

This act of love and humility on the part of Christ is known as His liaohna. Our Heavenly Father does not want His children to be discouraged or to give up on their quest for celestial glory. When we really contemplate God the Father and Christ the Son, who They are, and what They have accomplished on our behalf, it fills us with reverence, awe, gratitude, and humility.


Alma asked a question in his day that is pertinent today: Every time I read about Alma the Younger relinquishing his role as head of state to preach the word of God, 16 I am impressed. Alma clearly had a profound testimony of God the Father and Jesus Christ and felt accountable to Them completely and without piahona.

He had the correct priorities and humility to give up status ,iahona position because he realized that serving the Lord was more important. Having sufficient humility in our lives to help establish the Church is particularly nviembre.

An example in Church lixhona is revealing. Sometimes humility is accepting callings when we do not feel adequate. Sometimes humility is serving faithfully when we feel capable of a more high-profile assignment.

Humble leaders have verbally and by example established that it is not where we serve but how we faithfully serve. Marsh, President of the Quorum of the Twelve. Elder Marsh ljahona apparently frustrated that the Prophet had called two members of his quorum to go to England without consulting him. As Joseph met with Elder Marsh, any hurt feelings were put aside, and the Prophet received a remarkable revelation.

It is now the th section liahonq the Doctrine and Covenants. Their missionary effort resulted in almost immediate convert baptisms and led to numerous faithful members. Subsequent parts of the revelation guide the missionary effort in our day. laihona

The humility that undergirded this incredible missionary effort allowed the Lord to establish His Church in a remarkable way. Gratefully, we continually see this in the Church today.

Members, including the rising generation, give up their time noviejbre defer education and employment to serve missions. Many lizhona members leave employment and make other sacrifices in order to serve God in whatever capacity they are called. We do not allow personal issues to distract or divert us from accomplishing His purposes.

We humbly serve as called with all our might, mind, and strength. At every level of the Church, it is important to understand the Christlike attribute of humility.

Some Christian leaders of other faiths believe we are living in a post-Christian world. For generations, the religious-based virtue of humility and the civic virtues noviembrre modesty and understatement have been the predominant standard.

The scriptures advocate a different approach. They suggest that we should be true disciples of Jesus Christ. This entails establishing a powerful feeling of accountability to God and a humble approach to life.

Some misuse authenticity as a celebration of the natural man and qualities that are the opposite of humility, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, and civility. We can celebrate our individual uniqueness as children of God without using authenticity as an excuse for un-Christlike behavior. In our quest for humility, the modern internet creates challenges to avoiding pride.


The widespread deterioration of civil discourse is also a concern. The eternal principle of agency requires that we respect many choices with which we do not agree. I have found a genuine goodness among people of all faiths who are humble and feel accountable to God. When we are truly humble, we pray for forgiveness and forgive others. As we read in Mosiah, Alma taught that as often as we repent, the Lord will forgive our trespasses. Holding a grudge and refusing to forgive and refusing to humbly approach our relationships in a Christlike manner truly brings us under condemnation.

Holding a grudge is poisonous to our souls. Let me also caution against any form of arrogance. The Lord, through the prophet Moroni, makes a stark contrast between the arrogant and the humble: Humility also includes being grateful for our numerous blessings and divine assistance.

It is a sign of spiritual strength. It is having the quiet confidence that day by day and hour by hour we can rely on the Lord, serve Him, and achieve His purposes.

LDS Periodical: Liahona (Spanish)

It is my prayer that in this contentious world we will continuously strive for true humility every day. A favorite poem puts it this way:. One meets the eternal Everyday.

I bear a sure witness of the Savior and His Atonement and the overwhelming importance of humbly serving Him each and every day. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. October April October April All conferences Russell Ballard All speakers Atonement Jesus Christ plan of salvation Sabbath All topics October The Eternal Everyday.

Your browser does not support the audio element. Play Pause Skip Backward 10 Seconds Cook Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Audio Download Print Share close Audio. A favorite poem puts it this way: The test of greatness is the way One meets the eternal Everyday.

Repentance Is Always Positive. Be Not Afraid, Only Believe. Meek and Lowly of Heart. Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?

Prepare to Meet God. In Praise of Those Who Save. The Reason for Our Hope. The Ministry of Reconciliation. Lift Up Your Head and Rejoice.