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Volevo dire che ho tradotto in italiano il testo di questa leggenda, se può servire posso inviarla, però è senza figure. Ho convertito il file francese dal pdf a doc. A lot of text, best to know the language. How Difficult is it? nging, but rewarding. Game Type, Cooperative | Campaign. Game System, Legends of Andor. Le Leggende di Andor | La Tana dei Goblin. Discover ideas about Legends Of Andor. Thames & Kosmos Legends of Andor: Base Game, Multicolor.

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If the narrator reaches a box on the legend track with a creature and legend tile, the creature must be resolved first. The heros should explore the secrets of the mine, find valuable gems and perhaps even find the Astral Shield zndor is lost in the mine.

Click here to leave a review. This story is the subject of another legend. In the end, the players must endeavor to guide the fate of Andor through their heroic actions, bringing a happy ending to their epic fantasy tale.

Create-Your-Own Storytelling Cards 2nd ed. A hero on the same space can unveil or an adjacent space with long-sight.

Leggende di Andor La scorta del re | La Tana dei Goblin

To secure Andor’s borders, the heroes will embark on dangerous quests over the course of five unique scenarios as well as dj final scenario created by the players themselves. He wants to share a disturbing rumor. Fliegen Pack of Flies. Der Sternenschild”, uscita in tedesco a settembre. A chi serve non ho problema ad inviare questi 2 file, spero solo vi soddisfi la mia traduzione.


Legends of Andor / Le Leggende di Andor

If ordered, arriving in approx: But as the clever game system keeps monsters on the march toward the castle, the players must balance their priorities carefully. The narrator does not advance the legend track either. Heroes begin the game on the Merchant space, so they can make a purchase before taking their first action. No necessary in-game text. If the peasant is a man, then you have found the King. The list is updated every day and may change without notice. Following gaming cards are in the box: Keep me logged in: Keep me logged in:.

If a new creature must be placed by the action of a card or a Legend creature tile is moved to the next adjacent square following the arrows. The group recieves 5 gold pieces and three points of strength they can distribute between them.

When the Narrator reaches H on the Legend track, the King must be on the mine. Uncover epic tales of glory as you live the Legends of Andor! Will their heroes roam the land completing quests in the name of glory, or devote themselves to the defense of the realm?

For each scenario, or “Legend”, a legend deck conveys the plot of an ever-unfolding tale It was a bad idea for him to move with the king because it would cost him 4 willpower points. The King must not pass by the castle before that. Purpose of the Legend: Melkart, the Guardian has summoned the heroes to the Tree of Songs.


To protect this game are necessary:.

Uncover epic tales of glory as you live the Legends of Andor! The Heroes leave the tree into the rain, ready for battle and to save Andor once again.

High Society – Reiner Knizia’s. There are no products selected for comparison. The world seemed to be more peaceful. This expedition to their mine lwggende to be an act of madness, but it is not. You need to be logged in to be able to leave a review. A hero of your choosing recieves the Poison.

The King and Prince Hallgard are deep in discussion on the last details of an alliance with the dwarves. I refused to give them the Astral Shield out of greed.

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