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thoroughly reading this Owner’s Manual, you will gain an understanding of the many features that are included in the. LANCER. The Owner’s Manual contains. Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 25 Aug, by Tusing. Model: Mitsubishi Lancer. File size: MB. Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 15 Feb, by Jholt. Model: Mitsubishi Lancer. File size: MB.

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Tyre inflation pressures p. If you shake the bottle after screwing on the hose, sealant may spray out of the hose. Page Instruments and controls NOTE The fuel units, temperature units, display language, and other settings can be changed. Page 11 Overview 1.

Lightly press the multi-information meter 1. Position lamps except for vehicles with high intensity discharge head- lamps 5. Check the washer fluid level at regular intervals Remove the lid on the trunk room right side trim. To low- level with the seat. Page 37 Locking and unlocking Even if you have the keyless operation key NOTE Ignition switch turn-off reminder system within the engine start operating range, if the E Make sure you have the keyless operation keyless operation key and vehicle ID codes key with you before locking the doors.

For pleasant driving Sun visors Do not connect to the USB input terminal Card holder any device hard disk, card reader, memory E E Cards can be slipped into the holder A on the reader, etc. Press and hold the multi-information meter switch for about 2 seconds or more to switch switch for about 2 seconds or more to switch switch to select changing the turn-sig- from the setting mode screen to the menu Page Starting and driving NOTE Reversing sensor system detection areas CAUTION Depending on whether the vehicle is equipped with The buzzer may sound lower than the normal a towing bar, you can change the reversing sensor warning sound when the reversing sensor sys- The reversing sensor system may not op- system between the standard mode and the towing tem is receiving ultrasonic noise from other When using two accessory sockets or the Press and hold the multi-information meter 1.


Page For emergencies 2. Reversing lamp LHD vehicles: Page Maintenance models diesel-powered vehicles 2. Vehicle care If a car wax adheres on a grey or black rough sur- 3.

Overview Interior E 1. Coming Home Light It is possible to modify functions as follows: To install the bulb, perform the removal steps in reverse.

Oqners press the multi-information meter 4. For emergencies models models diesel-powered vehicles CAUTION Take care not to get the jumper cable caught in the owhers fan or other rotat- ing part in the engine compartment. Seat and seat belts Seat belts To install Confirm that the head restraint is facing the correct E To protect you and your passengers in the event of direction, and then insert it into the seatback while an accident, it is most important that the seat belts pressing the height adjusting knob A in the direc- are worn correctly while driving.

2017 Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual (385 pages)

Error Codes ipod Connect a supported iPod. Page 9 Overview 1. Rear-view Camera Have vehicle inspected ted to the area shown mabual the illustrations.

Corner sensor left mulfunctioning When reversing, be sure to visually confirm safety around the vehicle. Wait a few minutes. MP3 files, the repeat mode causes only files has been loaded in the autochanger, the au- The display window will display the track number Outside rear-view mirrors p.

Fully engage the parking brake while depress- For vehicles with Twin Clutch SST, do not indication lamp does not come on even if the ing the brake pedal. Page Vehicle care If they are in contact, wipe off with soft ownets, cha- mois or the like and an aqueous solution of neutral detergent then immediately rinse the affected parts with plenty of water.


Page Starting and driving 6. It goes off about 15 Point.

If left damp, lancwr hicle or wheel, be careful not ownegs injure If the following is left on your vehicle, it may dew may grow. Page 12 Overview Trunk area Vehicles with spare wheel E 1. Starting and driving Brake assist system Anti-lock brake system ABS When the brake assist system is in use, you may feel as if the depressed brake pedal is E E soft, the pedal moves in small motions in con- The brake assist system is a device assisting drivers The anti-lock brake system ABS helps prevent junction with the sound of the ABS opera- who cannot depress the brake pedal firmly when it Never leave lighters, cans of carbonated Multi-information meter switch p.

2015 Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual (434 pages)

Make sure to remove the keyless opera- tion key from the emergency key after the engine is started. Page Specifications NOTE The values shown above apply to a vehicle on which optional equipment has not been fitted. Refer to switch for about 2 seconds or more to switch the following items for further details on the from the setting mode screen to the menu For safety, stop the vehicle before operat- operation methods. The radio suc- For pleasant driving To listen to a CD To set discs 2.


For pleasant driving Steering wheel audio remote 3. Page 92 Seat and seat belts Such conditions are shown in the illustration. Specifications models Item Except for vehicles with turbocharger Vehicles with turbocharger Engine model 4B11 No.