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Lachenmann – Kontrakadenz Aesthetic Apparatus: Clarinet Chamber Music of Helmut Lachenmann · See the Sound (Hommage to Helmut Lachenmann). Helmut Lachenmann, the German composer born in Stuttgart in , .. The first work is, in my opinion, Lachenmann’s finest: Kontrakadenz. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the SmartPac CD release of Kontrakadenz / Klangschatten – Mein Saitenspiel / Fassade on Discogs.

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Vital to his aesthetic belief is the reformulation and renewal of musical traditions; why simply accept the hierarchy of traditions the evolution of music has handed down to us?

Lachenmann Kontrakadenz; Klangschatten; Fassade |

A definite turning point in his career occurred away from the classroom, when he attended the summer courses at Darmstadt for the first time inwhere he found a mentor in the form of Luigi Nono, one of the few composers at that time of rampant serialism who openly embraced the past. An interview with filmmaker John Bridcut. Allegro sostenutorev. A kontrkadenz bio appears at the end of this piece. Conductor and musicians are lachehmann.

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Here Lachenmann is at his most sublime, still making good use of extended techniques, but here they are awash in an almost surreal musical glow of dialogues and solos.

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For these reasons, it is quite possible that konfrakadenz listeners will be disappointed when they hear his music. His ability to achieve beauty through the use of unheard or undesired sounds is a testament to his meticulous craft. The second work, Serynadeis also a half-hour in duration but for only lcahenmann instrument; it could be called a duo for piano and pedals, as the pianist must navigate an almost ungodly web of pedal requirements.

Franck Ollu and Ueli Wiget. It occurs toward the middle of the piece, however, not the customary position nearer the climax.


His poetry, primarily abstract in nature, has been used in recent years by composers in Asia, Europe and South America. The final piece is the percussion concerto Air. Perhaps the piece acknowledges life — indeed perhaps unwittingly — within a situation where paralysis pervades music. The result is a piece which depends not so much on showy virtuosity but rather on a more personal, intimate skill.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is a finely balanced work of extremes. The Little Road to Bethlehem. His explorations of what composition really involved, in terms of its social context and the act of performance intimately enmeshed with it, had already taken him well beyond the boundaries of what is generally considered as music.

Mouvement — vor der Erstarrung is an entirely different piece, one characterized by much subtler, much more refined motions. It is shorter than the other two and also, I believe, more immediately accessible.

The big advantage is the overall improvement in recorded sound.

Thinking About Helmut Lachenmann, with Recommended Recordings

Their isolated notes, sprinkled across kontdakadenz irregular patterns in the strings, are fundamental to the piece, but the sustained slow tempi and quiet dynamics may make this work more difficult for novice listeners. My last pick is a Kairos recording of three important orchestral works, KontrakadenzKlangschatten — mein Saitenspiel and Fassaderev. Cookies perform functions like recognising you each time you visit and delivering advertising messages that are relevant to you.

By clicking on the ‘Sign Lachenmqnn Helmut Friedrich Lachenmann born 27 November is a German composer of contemporary classical music. The title could mean so much: When used in kontraksdenz with large orchestral forces, including especially large quantities of brass and percussion, the overall noise factor is very high, a fact which makes lcahenmann more subdued moments even more prominent. He began composing soon after and wrote many large-scale pieces, including a large symphony, but all of these early scores are now lost.


Search Search this site: He kontrqkadenz also contributed booklet notes to the British label Metier and articles for German and Russian publications. Now a glimpse at two important recent chamber works by Lachenmann: He has regularly lectured at Darmstadt since This radio recording was made soon after its premiere. Lachenmann manages these large forces with utmost care and an almost Webernesque sense of timbre. We use cookies to improve your experience of our website.

James MacMillan discusses his new oratorio. They do not exist as effects, however, but instead as characters in the musical dramaturgy, so to speak, as they do in most works of the traditional repertoire.

You can opt-out at any time. Thus, in addition to brass and strings, some of which are deployed throughout the concert space, there are two pianos and four thunder sheets played by two percussionists, not to mention an additional member of the string family: The orchestral works are thus colorful, but not at all excessive in their treatment.

Monthly Choices Roll over covers to find out more. Whether you pick lachenmsnn these recordings or come across others, I urge you to give this compelling composer a chance. Klangschatten — mein Saitenspiel is a game konttakadenz strings, as its title implies.

Although this work is less than a decade old, it has kontrxkadenz received stagings in various parts of Europe and in Japan. It is a passage repeated — with variations, naturally — several times before the work attains its proper end.

It is not a mature work, but still noteworthy. Explore your love for music with this essential guide to educational courses throughout the UK January Out Now! ECM New Series