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The Purple Cloud ; remains his most famous and often reprinted novel. Through no little tragedy, Jeffson winds up as the first man to reach the pole.

A very satisfying read, and a slender enough volume that it can be devoured in just a night or three of casual reading. It all makes perfect sense given Nubf situation, but for the reader it’s often like getting one’s head stuck in a honeypot without a hammer to effect escape.

This is a strange and unsettling novel, quite original. Perhaps it will soon.

Con il protagonista, come il protagonista, cerchi uno scopo per la tua esistenza, per le purpurrea azioni, e ti chiedi se avresti fatto le stesse scelte, scavi la tua anima a cercare veramente il desiderio inconfessato e inconfessabile, giochi con le ipotesi.

It really is a morality tale about the lost ways of Man and hints at the rebirth of Man with an awakened spirit.

Title: La nube purpurea

But–looking back at it from plus lq have to say it is one of the most tedious post-apocalyptic tales I’ve ever read. But should he really start the human race again? A deadly purple vapor passes over the world “If now a swell from the Deep has swept over this planetary ship of earth, and I, who alone chanced to find myself in the furthest stern, as the sole survivor of her crew.

Nov 11, Doug rated it it was ok. Un pensiero originale e paradossale. I suppose at the time perhaps the concept of being the last man on Earth and what that would do to one’s mind was uniqu Yeah, so half this book consists of the main character, the last man on Earth, wondering the wonder and blowing stuff up. There’s no quiet resolve here. The purpudea, of course, can be felt in Lovecraft’s Mountain of Madness but Shiel’s story really is more of a morality tale than anything else and consequently pulls back from producing any real overt sense of horror.


Recommended to Terence by: Almost better than M. It’s a different “last man on earth” book, which focuses on a man who is going insane from the lack of people, and suspects he may be manipulated by one of two powers.

His going about the towns looking for survivors or naming all the type of ships he comes across on the ocean, is stifling almost robotic.

The Purple Cloud is one of the earliest “last man alive” stories in science fiction. The devastation is total and heartbreaking.

Well that was 40 pages of setting the scene and building up tension and then pages of anticlimax.

La nube purpurea

DR – Ignore the minor flaws; sup at the table of dementia, and be amazed. It’s worth a read if only to acknowledge The Purple Cloud’s place in science fiction.

He is remembered mostly for supernatural and scientific romances. After finishing it, I recommend describing the plot to a friend in detail, as this fully reveals its hilarious absurdity. There is a euphoric sense of utter freedom masking a cruel, haunted prison populated by nothing more than endless corpses telling the same brutal tale again and again.

Shiel, here are the coordinates of this novel. This is one of those books that has a great premise post-apocalypse, last man alivebut is ponderous to read. Mar 27, Elidor rated it it was amazing.

Dutcher rated it really liked it.

La Nube Purpurea

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Slowly the first man to have set foot on the Pole sails the small ship back to civilisation only to gradually discover that all human and animal life appears to have been wiped out in some appalling catastrophe from which only his recent unique isolation has spared him. Honestly this is the most tedious and patience trying portion of the book.

It doesn’t help that Adam Jeffson is a thoroughly unlikeable man. I found this first part of the book to be quite entertaining Stories from this time period love having some sort of introductory framing device. The long lists of details and plans, while initially fascinating, gradually grow tedious. Jan 17, Stewart rated it it was amazing. And he casually kills other members of the expedition later.


La Nube Purpurea – Enrico Coniglio | Shazam

Among other things, Sutherland’s notes focus on the differences between this and other versions. It is a “last man” novel that may well have been ground-breaking but it is not particularly well-written. That and the thoroughly unlikable protagonist, Adam Jeffson.

But that’s not all, folks. Shiel also owes a great debt to Poe, who renders the macabre more ably than his borrower. Shiel’s style is strangely trance-like, casting a hynotic spell — that is, if you are susceptible to this style of writing. As a study of a shattered mind at war with itself, and as a sheer monument of style and exposition, The Purple Cloud deserves a full five stars.

The novel is unfortunately abundantly filled with more than useless information as if Shiel were some cataloger of culture, engines, equipment and clothes and it is this tendency that truly drags the work down.

Lovecraft ‘s novella “At the Mountains of Madness. The central character, Adam, returns from an Arctic expedition to find that a purple cloud has passed over the surface of the earth, killing everything. His reserve tempers what would likely be astounding levels of horror, yet seems to be almost wane-like in his examinations of cities filled with the dead.

I have to disagree with the ones saying that this novel is outmoded. Read for Post-Apocalyptic Book Club. The discussion this morning around Day of the Triffids reminded me of this obscure and extremely bizarre novel, which I must have read when I was about ten or eleven.

What if those spiteful ashes were deadly poisonous? We follow his story as he works his way through loneliness, despair, acceptance, and finally