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Kontrasepsiyon Doğum kontrolü, hamileliği önlemek için kullanılan herhangi bir yöntemdir. Vazektomi Erkeklerde korunma yöntemleri. PDF | Amaç: Kullanımda olan acil kontrasepsiyon yöntemlerini incelemek. Ana Bulgular: Güvenilir ve efektif bir acil kontrasepsiyon yöntemi kullanılarak ABD de . Alt orta sinif, V. Alt sinif. Eslerin her ikisinden de onam alindi. Cesitli kontrasepsiyon yontemleri sunuldu ve memnun olduklari yontem secimi kendilerine birakildi.

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Factors influencing the contraceptive method choice: a university hospital experience.

Emergency contraception EC reduces women’s risk for pregnancy after unprotected intercourse. Oinonen KA, Mazmanian D. Sex hormones and female sexuality.

Living in rural residence, having education level of primary school and under, early age of marriage, increased age were determined as independent factors for emergency contraception unawareness in logistic regression analysis. Impact of common contraceptive methods on quality of life and sexual function in Hong Kong Chinese women.

acil kontrasepsiyon yöntemleri

Theplot of the study planned as a descriptive sample of women accepted to go ynyemleri the study, who applied in the 20 health centers between thedates of Endocrine aspects of female sexual dysfunction. Putting a finger on potential predictors of oral contraceptive side effects: Although awareness of emergency contraception is at an apparent level the using rate and knowledge level of themethod is at a very low level.


Being aware of emergency contraception and its usage were low in our study. No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy.

EBSCOhost | | Kadınların acil kontrasepsiyon farkındalığına etki eden faktörler.

Data of theresearch has been collected through the face to face interview in which a questionaire consist of 28 questions prepared by the researchers. To assess awareness of emergency contraception and related factors in women living at rural and urban residences of Trabzon city center. The management of persistent menopausal symptoms with oestradiol-testosterone implants: Some features of this site may not work without it.

Mayo Clin Proc ;79 4 Suppl: Chi-square test and logistic regression test were performed for statistical analysis. Shah MB, Hoffstetter S. Oral contraceptives vs injectable progestin in their effect on sexual behavior.

This abstract may be abridged. Show full item record. Data collected has been evaluated as number, percentage with the SPSS program. The role of androgens in female sexual dysfunction.

This would contribute to the protecting the womenhealth in general. Thereby, emergency contraception methods can be used effectively and practically. J Sex Marital Ther. Oxf Rev Reprod Biol.


If they are informed about the topic, their attitudes toward the usage of the emergency contraception methodswill change in a positive way.

In case of the unwanted pregnancy Oral contraceptives and sexuality in university women. Women can be equipped and unwanted pregnancies can be prevented with the effective training andconsulting kontraselsiyon by the professional health staff like midwife, nurse and doctor etc. Contact Us Send Feedback.

Kontraseptif Yöntemler ve Cinsellik

Women of reproductive age have experienced an unplanned pregnancy. JavaScript is disabled for your browser.

The influence of hormonal contraception on mood and sexual interest among adolescents. Sex hormones and finger length: Evolution and Human Behavior ;25 3: The effects of oral contraceptives on well-being and sexuality.

To what extent do oral contraceptives influence mood and affect? Hormonal contraception and sexual desire: