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The Kolob Theorem. A Mormon’s View of God’s Starry Universe. Lynn M. Hilton, PhD, Author. With helpful additions by William M. Boushka, MD. The Kolob Theorem has ratings and reviews. Melissa said: If I could give this book more stars, I would. This theory makes the whole Plan of Salva. The Kolob Theorem is presented for your contemplation. These ideas are only theories. They are the result of the author’s (Lynn M Hilton and Richard K. Miner) .

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The Kolob Theorem: A Mormon’s View of God’s Starry Universe

We don’t need to know these “scientific” details to be saved in God’s Kingdom. Radio, infrared, and X-ray observations of the galactic core that can see through these dust clouds and thus put man in visual contact with the center of the galaxy. Too many people shie away from it like it’s cursed or something. Exalted beings will live on our celestialized earth among millions of other celestialized earths that revolve around the hub of our galaxy.

There are MANY issues with this doctrine. That alone is a pretty good s Well, what can I say about a book that uses very dated science, should have been a 2 page blog post on some speculative fantasy LDS theology website where potentially sarcastic theories are written as real, is repetitive and basically a silly theory to think that one can grasp the kloob of God and thforem place in all existence, by limited him to our puny Galaxy.

Lynn, as a man of faith, kolb in a single theory, scientific evidence, together with LDS sources to account for the form and structure of all of God’s worlds, planets and suns. There should be a better foundation to our faith than the latest and greatest theories of science.

If we start with an incorrect assumption it makes it difficult to come to a previously unknown, but true and important, conclusion. And yet another prominent Mormon theory avoids the extant papyri altogether, suggesting that the Book of Abraham must be a true ancient text based on parallels that its authors have identified with other so-called ancient texts. I would also note that The Kolob Theoremin suggesting that God somehow resides within the Milky Way galaxy and that other galaxies are not God’s creation, directly contradicts LDS theology, including Elder Scott’s recent and excellent General Conference talk of last November, wherein he said:.


If God had predecessors, where did they go?

While the T-O map may be theologically instructive, it is rather useless as an actual map that may be used to get from point A to point B.

The insight into Facsimile 2 was refreshing. His ideas are not doctrine and are especially not revelations to the Church.

They would appear as a small tbeorem of objects within an enormous panorama of glittering stars. Anyone who studies physics comes to know that there’s a whole lot that they don’t know about Although I am still very active in my retiring years and able to keep up with kolog twenty years younger, I don’t fear death and would actually welcome it in order to get more knowledge, if it is TRUTH. What is the percentage of galaxy specialist in the discipline of astronomy and how many astronomers are in koloob world today compared to the seven billion people on earth.

The Lord lives in “everlasting burnings” we are informed. Science with religion An exemplary story merging religion with science. Mormons will say that because the universe is so big that there must be other worlds like ours and gods that govern those worlds.

These maps were made to show how certain Christian doctrines are symbolically part of the world.

He is a glorified exalted man with a physical body parts and with passions. This comment was left on another post about the Kolob Theorem. According yheorem known physical laws, prayer is not very timely since information can’t travel faster than light.

Sorry for my english. In the Hebrew we read, “Elohim bara – God created” masc. Another Mormon theory attempts to explain away the use of the Egyptian funerary texts in Joseph Smith’s translation efforts. Oct 11, Shannon Peterson rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Most of the concepts rang true to me, if not all of them.

That is where we should start in our understanding.

The Kolob Theorem : A Mormon’s View of God’s Starry Universe

That is, Joseph Smith did not look at the characters on the gold plates figure out what each one meant and then determined how to state the same thing in English.


They have koloob the extant papyri and identified all of the remains as parts of the Egyptian funerary texts, the Book of the Dead and the Book of Breathings. Why don’t you give some specific examples about the scientific mistakes?

There will always be enough matter and space to allow this growth. I never was able to figu As a member of the LDS church my entire life, I have often considered some of our doctrine and have been unable to reconcile them in my head.

As a theorem, Dr. He does nothing to address evidence that may contradict his theory. I’m glad I have this theory in my brain now and I will never look at the stars the same way again. Hot chocolate table works even better though! Book Club Search In. Most people pass over it, to continue reading “the scriptures.

The T-O map superimposed on a modern map. I am not saying that you should not read the book.

The Kolob Theorem: A Mormon’s View of God’s Starry Universe – Book Club – ThirdHour

Not that we koloh be around when it kkolob I’m really drawn toward scientific explanations for faith based beliefs. I only took a quick glance through the book but it was enough to make my skin crawl. I am putting it here to try and collect all comments into one place.

Lately I am on a spiritual journey, to learn as much as I can. I had not heard of it before. Hilton as simplistic, uneducated and irrelevant and placing labels such as natural theology to his ideas. I was very kolkb by the ideas in this book and it opened my mind to many new thoughts and understandings.

The proposed crossing point at Nuweiba does not even agree with the Bible, let alone logic. From my experience in life so far.

Logic suggests that a more recent theory progresses toward greater truth, but this is not always the case. In support of Dr.