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Has anyone purchased this and can you give me the thumbs up thumbs down, expensive for something that could be achieved in seven. Ken Dyne – Whisper – hello, your order is download magic product, send via email please tell me your email address if you accept best wishes. Saving money on events could mean the difference between going ahead and cancelling. Particularly relevant in today’s climate, Kennedy has distilled his life’s .

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Hes still a chancer though but that’s a good thing. James, and Eastwell Manor. Return to the Product List. Once purchased, I realized that the routine included all ideas in which I had already know- but that is ok!!!

PDF Ebook Whisper by Ken Dyne (Download)

Personally I like whiisper approach as th effect itself is very simple however watching it evolve through the pages of the book show the power of the routine and the subtle approaches to heighten the effect ten fold. He said in the video there will never be an e-book, and as far as I know that includes Kindle, epub, pdf and any other digital format in existence.

Signed by the author. I have to say I have to agree with Ehisper on this one, slightly biased being a teenager! We fall for everything Pete Legend Inner circle Ireland Posts. There is nothing written on the pad to ‘cue’ anyone. I expect the Penguin Overlords will edit this as needed if I am tipping too much Jul 17, I have had so much fun with this idea the only real draw back is that I wasn’t sure if I was where it should go in my show.


Customer Reviews showing 1 – 10 of Have you ever been caught out when someone says “show me something”?

Hijacked by Ken Dyne Instant Download

As I mentioned in the post that started the thread, expensive but worth it, I have had great results with this effect as I have with Johnathan Pickards ‘Transmission’ but Whisper adds the possibility of spontaneity to my performance. Clearly, here was a working pro who had the crowd in the palm of his hands.

The method is very simple and almost completely self working!! Colin McLeod’s variation on the effect takes it to a level which is as bold as you can get and would work very well on a large stage but in a more intimate environment it would be a huge problem. About Ken Dyne None.

Important things to note: Once you have mastered the work, you can just focus on the performance and take the room on a really unsettling ride. I have selected 10 steller tactics from my personal marketing arsenal that will not only allow xyne to launch your assault on the public, create more customers and money than ever… but every approach can be implemented immediately AND FREE.

There are a few different reasons for that and primarily that is due to the demographic of the majority of the members here. Just email me after your purchase and I’ll send whispeer the products right over.


Several methods are discussed in the book but the method I perform is absolutely no stooging at all, and plays extremely strongly in every single show I perform. Do you know if there will be a Kindle version in the future?

We do have the opportunity. For The Serious Mentalist. Powerful, practical, real world mentalism. Your back is turned, yet you ask her at this last moment to ‘ change her mind ‘. It was a mainstay of my act for around a year.

Magic Tricks

As kfn all effects it’s performance and making it believable for me. If Ken Dyne book is worth it This is a professional routine from the acts of many full time performers. With that being said there is still a select few who these routine would work well for. Most here respect and trust this guy. Denver, Colorado, United States.

Gotta agree with Pete here. Until I know the method I cannot say whether its good or bad; but I imagine I’d dyme highly dissapointed, its the nature of such DR.