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The main characters are Juno Boyle, Jack Boyle, Mary Boyle, Johnny Boyle and play that he is “struttin’ about the town like a paycock with Joxer, I suppose”. Juno and the Paycock:A Feministic Play. Juno and the Paycock: Jingois. Plot Summary. Themes and Issues. Plot. Writer’s Characteristics. Plays without Plots. Eva Wilden: Tragi-comedy in Sean O’Casey’s Juno and the Paycock. 2. Table of Contents. 1. In his formal analysis of Juno and the. Paycock Kosok put.

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He has taken the easy way out and retreated into a world of alcohol-induced fantasy rather than being brave enough to face his problems. Act II opens with the stage directions stating that “the furniture is more plentiful, and of a vulgar nature”. Through the window comes the sound of hymn singing. Boyle has to tell her and Johnny that there is no money – the will specified ‘first cousin’ rather than naming Boyle, and now ‘first cousins’ are appearing out of the woodwork. This aspect of his personality is reinforced as the play progresses.

Johnny is left alone. Boyle knows it is Johnny. Madigan arrives and the party continues, until Mrs. He is fickle and nothing he says can be trusted.


The partygoers decide they can get a better view of the procession downstairs. Even the language used in his physical description depicts him as a showy man – his face is “puffed out”, his stomach “thrust forward” and his walk is a “slow, consequential strut”.

He has filled “every available spot” with fake flowers and paycoco smoking a pipe on the sofa. The party becomes snd again, but Boyle and Joxer set about raising everyone’s spirits.

Historical Analysis of Juno an the Paycock. by Matauka Mwanangombe on Prezi

He makes it up with Joxer ;aycock spends the last few shillings he has on drink. Despite it being breakfast time Boyle has not yet returned from a night of drinking with his friend Joxer. Again we see Boyle thinking more of himself than his own children in their time of need.


The play ends with Boyle and Joxer returning to the stage drunk again, with Boyle not even knowing that his son is dead. The creditors start to call. They hold a party, but the jollity is disrupted when Johnny suddenly jumps up in distress and runs pahcock the bedroom, where he claims to see a ‘vision’ of dead Robbie Tancred. When it finally dawns on him, he is quick to change his mind.

As an unmarried mother, Mary’s situation would have attracted great stigma at the time. They have borrowed money too, on the strength of the legacy. June Juno is the wife of ‘Captain’ Boyle and the ‘paycock’ or peacock is thw name for him, because he struts about all day, leaving her to work to put food on the table. A man in a trench coat appears at the door. When Juno returns everything has been taken from their rooms. He is fearful of every knock at the door. He is analyssis not to see Johnny at the funeral and tells him to report to his battalion.

We are introduced to the character of Jack Boyle before we meet him via his wife, Abalysis, at the opening of Act I. Johnny comes and goes like a man on the run.

BBC Bitesize – GCSE English Literature – Characters – CCEA – Revision 2

As he leaves, Mary sees the bailiff’s men taking away the furniture. When he believes himself to be a man of means we pahcock him take on airs of grandeur. At the end of the play the women leave to take on the responsibility of Mary’s child by themselves. Right up to the end of the play payycock when he cruelly dismisses his own daughter for falling pregnant before she is married – he continues to be unreliable and untrustworthy to all who know him.


Her son’s body is being taken to the church. As he leaves for the pub, Jerry Devine arrives, to offer Mary marriage and security, having heard that his rival is out of the way.

Claiming it was Johnny who informed on Tancred, they drag him from the house into a car and drive off. He is called ‘Captain’ by his friends, but the nearest he has ever got to sailing is on the ferry to Liverpool. Johnny, who has been sitting silently by the fire, immediately sees that the money might enable them to move somewhere else – somewhere they are not known.

Madigan appears with the news that two policemen are waiting downstairs – some poor fellow has been found shot. Mary Boyle has two suitors – Jerry Devine, a young manual worker with political ambitions, and Charles Bentham, a solicitor, who has news for the family – they have been left some money by the Captain’s cousin.

A very unpleasant example of how Captain Boyle cares for no one but himself is seen after Mrs Tancred delivers her devastating speech about the death of her son. Boyle finally loses patience with the sly and devious Joxer.

Juno and Mary decide to leave the tenement to make a new life for themselves and the baby.