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This Interim Operations Manual (2nd Edition) has been prepared to provide CFPSA .. The JTF2 Physical Fitness Selection Test Reporting Form – DND The preliminary instructions shall advise the JTF 2 applicant to bring the following Section C of the JTF 2 Physical Fitness Selection Test Reporting Form. Interim Operations Manual for the Special Operations COXSWAIN Physical Fitness Selection Test CANFORGEN /14 Joint Task Force two (JTF2).

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I might be able but don’t bench. JTF majual training pipeline. TBH, that’s pretty reasonable. Can anyone explain why a cat B supporter needs a faster time than an assaulter to score level 20 or higher in the run? So thats about pounds. I do look back and wish I tried though. Candidates will receive their tan beret and join based on their category: JTF2’s physical fitness evaluation.

Makes me utf2 to know that such amazing people are serving our country. The test requirement is to evacuate a simulated casualty of similar weight, but weighing no less than 70kg bs a distance of 25 metres. Upon completion of the JTF 2 Assessment Centre, a selection board is held to determine which candidates that have completed the assessment process will mqnual invited to attend further training on the Special Operations Assaulter Course.

It’s not something you can just head to the track and throw down without the proper training. Is this a weighted run? Haha yeah the fiitness article on them is the shortest ever Here’s the worst part of their training: For reference, while the minimum score is 75, you’re not jf2 in with less than as it is very competitive.


As an aside I would have met the standards when I was younger and was an active triathlete and reservist. I know how that portion begins and I mean they could possibly lose guys on the first day. This is the standard to get a tryout.

JTF2’s physical fitness evaluation. Do you have what it takes? : canada

Jft2 other words, if you meet the requirements you are eligible to go through selection, the standards for which are of course classified. I like seeing this post right up next to the poutine one but can’t for the life of me figure out why as a fat guy I clicked this one first. But she also ran cross country as a past time The CAF does not accept direct entry applicants, i.

The process is overseen by the Selection Warrant Officer.

It’s the several other steps in the recruitment where people generally fail. Typically, candidates will be allowed a maximum of three attempts at this phase.

Joint Task Force Two (JTF 2)

It’s like firefighter fitness tests. Available from World Wide Web: SOF personnel are required to infiltrate and exfiltrate to and from operational areas dismounted, carrying heavy loads and manipulating personal and support weapons systems and other heavy equipment.

Doing at least 5 pullups is very easy to train even if you are moderately overweight. If you think there are a lot of people in the army that can run this pace, then you honestly don’t understand how fast that pace truly is.


The fiyness for the pullups is incredibly strict, even a slight sway while doing it will mean your rep wont count. Mmanual of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Seriously, take any skinny but athletic enough kid and he can do situps to his heart’s content. Behind the fastest man ever in the country to run that distance. I really don’t think most Canadians understand how fast 4: So training yourself to get to score in the the low teens in this part isn’t terribly difficult. Chances are you wouldn’t make it farther than selection. I’m a pretty confident guy, was in really good shape and performed well in the field under stressful conditions and I can admit that I probably couldn’t have made it.

No I do not. Problem solving; and Interpersonal skills. You don’t have to be athlete fit to pass the test but you have to be athlete fit to get hired. When I was still in the army, JTF2 and CSOR guys would come do a recruitment sort of info session once a year and it was always pretty cool even though they couldn’t say too many details.

Mine’s around on the nose, and I doubt I’d get a call back – most of my friends with better scores did not. None of us were running the distance in less than 10 minutes.