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Rauch develops his argument by presenting specific examples “The war on prejudice is now, in all likelihood, the most uncontroversial social. Jonathan Rauch’s essay is a deviation from the traditional point of view. This well written essay discusses the fact that society is rather trying to eliminate hate. Article — From the May issue. In defense of prejudice. Why incendiary speech must be protected. By Jonathan Rauch. Download Pdf. Read Online.

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I think that by reading your blog it has helped me preiudice understand Rauch’s work and what his opinion is. Sai Tapasa February 16, at 8: I was quick to think that an old white southerner with family ties to the Confederacy would automatically be against the idea of befriending a black person. Never will this world be free of prejudice, but it jontahan downsize if people use the correct techniques. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Ahmad ENGL A Reflection on “In Defense of Prejudice” by Jonathan Rauch

What the assignment asks you to do is to offer your opinion of the dichotomy Rauch creates. Elaborating on your own ideas and opinions will help rquch blog become a better argumentative blog and not so much an informative blog. Ahmed, you really defejse the essay well as I can see after reading your blog. To dub somebody as prejudice is to dub oneself prejudice. Jacob Claflin February 16, at This entry was posted in Uncategorized.


This site uses cookies. In the case of Michigan student who felt that homosexuality is an ailment that can be corrected using therapy, was disciplined for violation of speech.

Claflin commented you did not really touch on the idea of Rauch’s essay and what he was arguing until the end of your blog and only a little. Bigotry cannot be successfully controlled and efforts in doing do end up looking irrational.

After his brief rauhc of fright, Rauch realized that he was being crazy. I think that you really do know what you are doing and maybe just left that part out because you were carried away with explaining what Rauch was saying in his essay. To find out more, including how jlnathan control cookies, see here: It will not help to call someone prejudice, this will only causes them to push harder.

In defense of prejudice

Notify me of new comments via email. It was long which made it somewhat difficult to get through, but as I delved deeper prejuidce deeper I got more and more interested. The point that Rauch makes in his essay, is that words cannot create violence. Newer Post Older Post Home. If minorities see these words as hurtful, then they will be hurt by them.

In defense of prejudice | Harper’s Magazine

Millions of people have tried, and failed. Posted by Ahmad Alkandari at 7: In fact, I am prejudice for using that as an example.


I found it very relieving that most of my arguments were already argued by Rauch at one point or another in his essay. However, he does make it plainly obvious that he does not think it is right, but he realizes that it is part of human nature.

I agree with Rauch. People exist in a society where each person if to a type of its own in terms of reasoning and different views on defebse issues.

But that little you did touch on made sense and could have went in the right direction if you would have elaborated more on that idea rather than sum up the whole essay and re state it.

Call me prejudice I guess.

I did pick up some of the things I missed after reading your blog that I missed when I read the original essay. This essay struck me prejudicee very interesting.

You do get to that at the end, but the point here was inn engage with the idea, not to restate it. The more you try to make him, the more he will refuse. Intellectual purity as a purist stance is a direction that leads to criticism by any group engendering prejudice.