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John G. Hoefle serves as a Secretary of Vitran Express, Inc. Mr. Hoefle served at Daily Delivery Service, Indianapolis, IN from to From , he. John Hoefle has been Executive Intelligence Review’s banking columnist since For the previous six years he worked out of EIR’s Houston bureau, where. View the profiles of people named John Hoefle. Join Facebook to connect with John Hoefle and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to.

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What is the Schiller Institute? This represents a fundamental assault on the land-use improvements which turned the U.

The Midwest, once one of the most productive areas of the world, is turning into a poverty zone.

Today, there are 20 locks and dams on the river, and nearly a quarter of them are beyond their year engineering lifespan. Nuclear power could provide the energy for widespread desalination and abundant electricity, paving the way for cleaner and more efficient industrial processes, high-speed magnetic-levitation transportation, and a host of other scientific breakthroughs.

Figure 6 shows two of examples of the effects of that policy. It leaves out vital projects such as golf courses, which consume large amounts of water. Much of what should be carried by rail, is now carried by truck, and much of what the railroads now carry, such as coal from Montana to power plants in Texas, should not be necessary.

A current map would show a continued decline in railroad mileage, as the railroads consolidated. The loss of hoedle jobs leads to a decline in hoefpe and an increase in the hoeflw rate. Now look at the aluminum industry in the Northwest, where it prospered due to the cheap electricity from the hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River system.

With these locks so essential to our inland waterborn commerce system, any breakdown would have immediate repercussions. This cavalier attitude toward the common people is typical of the Mellons and their aristocratic peers. It shows a temporary gate being hoisted into position, in the lower gates of the main chamber at Lock and Dam 15, on the Mississippi River, in Hoefoe Island, Ill.


That might be unpleasant, but so what?

John Hoefle & Amy Coombs Wedding Day

The rail system remains a mess to this day, and that doesn’t count the abysmal state of passenger rail. Click to get PDF version with Graphics. Figure 17 is an omen of the future. Lyndon and Helga LaRouche Dialogues, Writings of Other Great Thinkers. These areas are increasingly dependent upon water imported from other areas, water which is increasingly not available.

The navigable section of the upper Mississippi River falls even further, from feet above sea level near Minneapolis-St. It is also were water is scarce. Over the 15 years ended insome 1. Eurasian Landbridge and Economy. As urban areas grow, especially in the South and West, irrigated land is increasingly being converted to non-agricultural uses. Ojhn you can see, much of the irrigation hiefle in the West, where the land is dry and irrigation is needed to grow crops.

Schiller Institute Labor Day Conference Economics Panel

And these are in absolute numbers, in a rising population. It is a lesson in physical economy. Tribute to Sylvia Olden Lee Introduction: Many of the people who live near these new swamps also call it mosquito farming. The dam was owned by the South Fork Hunting and Fishing Club, which was the playground of the wealthy and powerful Mellon family of nearby Pittsburgh.

Overall, over 18 million acres of farmland were taken out of agricultural service between and Except for the fact that it is killing our economy and taking food from nations that need it for their own people, there’s no downside. Strategic Method and Studies. Manufacturing aluminum requires a lot of power, and the combination of the drought and the manipulations of the Western energy markets by Enron and its fellow pirates, led to the shutdown of several plants in the Northwest in recent years.


Ina shortage of rail capacity emerged on the Gulf Coast and spread nationwide duringin what an official of the Society of the Plastics Industry called “a multi-billion-dollar national disaster and the worst rail crisis of this century. We have become a nation of consumers, rather than producers. Army Corps of Engineers Figure Just as we turned back the clock in energy policy, we are doing the same in agriculture policy.

Today, the western United States is five or six years into what the U. Even worse, the oligarchs lost their prime fishing lake. Co ngress of Cultural Freedom Hoefpe And these are the official statistics.

The truth is significantly worse. Much of the steel production in the U. Look at the relationship between the decline in manufacturing jobs, population and the poverty rate in 15 industrial cities in Ohio and Pennsylvania over the past three decades Figure The Transportation Grid Now we turn our attention to the transportation grid, with its own set of disasters.

Another example is the giant “Lake Iowa,” formed during the great flood of Figure 7. Coal also accounts for half of the freight on the Ohio River.

Faced with increasing delays in shipping times, and a shortage of rail cars, many shippers turned to trucks and waterborn transportation to move their goods.