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Not only in the structures by which it seeks to comprehend the universe, but also in the structures of the science itself, astrology is remorselessly hierarchical. An extracted chapter from John Frawley’s classic book ‘The Real Astrology’, in which he explores the philosophy of electional astrology and demonstrates its. John Frawley has recently published his third book The Horary Textbook – sure to be an international best seller. His first book, The Real Astrology, received.

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The Horary Textbook

The exigencies of TV mean that I am often required to come up with predictions when I frankly have no idea of frawlye the outcome astrolpgy be: Garry Fraley is the author of Astrology in the Year Zero: Yes, the only time I would see somebody here is if they are interested in the astrology and want to satrology through the chart as a tutorial.

Quick, simple, and accurate, horary was for centuries the most valuable tool in any astrologer’s work-box. John has given permission for it to be republished as it first appeared, with the incorporation of additional material, obtained in January and February kohn, which is appended at the end. What do you think astrologers need to do in order to claw their way out of the pit of obscurity into which they and their subject have fallen?

From horary, the next step in our astrological hierarchy is the art of elections, of choosing the best moment to act. In the abstract – and I stress ‘in the abstract’ – it’s pretty poor show if an astrological organisation can’t finance itself by investing, whether in William Hill or the stock-market.

The football ones offered the greatest scope for precision – with others, like Charles not marrying Camilla, Edward not marrying Sophie though they were engaged, according to the press at the time it was more a case of Yes or No.

John Frawley (astrologer)

The Real Astrology was described in the Astrological Association Journal as “a must for all serious astrologers”. Marko rated it it was amazing Oct 24, Could you give some other examples of noteworthy successes in your work?


It must be an awful lot of work? Retrieved from ” https: If you have a choice in for example a football match, between the favourites going off at 2 to 1 on, or the underdogs going on at 3 to 1, it’s very easy to convince yourself that it’s worth backing the underdogs just because it’s a much nicer price! A birth-chart reading, for instance, may suggest that the native is likely to marry this year; it will not, however, say whether Bill or Tom is the man in question, or that it is unwise to plan the reception outdoors because it is going to rain on that day.

This method works fine astrollogy there are one or two significant matches – the Cup Final, European championships, stuff like that. If anything, I wish he’d do a sequel dealing with more types of questions. Elizabeth’s reign was not a story of uninterrupted success and happiness for queen and country; the astrologer cannot choose a perfect moment, for the perfect moment is not there to be chosen.

So in astrology – the focus must be purely on the prediction, not on the consequences of that prediction. Bernadette Brady’s methods obviously work, but I can’t help thinking that her reasoning is flawed; I can’t accept the model of a castle siege, to be honest; I don’t think anyone really regards the Ashes as being a siege! Constraints of time gave him the choice of the Sun in either Capricorn or Aquarius.

If, for instance, the life is dissipated away in drink, whatever shows that in the chart will be malefic.

Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Sep 11, Candy rated it it was amazing Jun 07, If we wanted to label one specific cause, we could go maybe for the Reformation, which set Man above God, or possibly the printing press, with its consequent massive levelling down of intellectual standards. So the first subject to be covered is the lowest on the list: Frawley, an excellent teacher, shows you how to use the simple horary astrology technique to answer these questions and others.


But what happens on Saturday, I don’t know. There’s one brief article in, I believe, The Astrological Lodge Quarterlyor maybe the JournalI think from the early 60s the year after Oxo won the National, if that’s a helpbut I’ve been unable to find it to give you an exact reference. Yes, that did cause something of an upset Good-oh! As for spectacular failures – like everyone else I thought Princess Diana would get married again and have children.

On Saturday in England, you have extremely similar charts for all the teams kicking off at three o’clock on Saturday.

An Interview with John Frawley by Garry Phillipson

If electing a wedding, we would strengthen the ruler of the seventh house the partneras we would also in choosing the moment for the start of a business partnership, though then we would be careful to make the seventh house ruler strong, but still slightly weaker than the Ascendant ruler: That the querent chooses this particular moment to ask this particular question is a consequence of absolutely everything that has happened in his life up to that point.

Now available by John Frawley: Or is there a paradox in asking astrology about astrology which rules that option out for you? By placing the Sun in the Midheaven – holding the coronation at noon – it could be strengthened by position if not in essence. The following article was originally recorded in and published in the spring edition of the Traditional Astrologer Magazine in Are there any things that you might see in a horary that you wouldn’t tell the person?

With nothing else to do other than study every tiny nuance of the royal family’s birth-charts, he would be totally familiar with all the possibilities contained within their nativities; he would have found electing a chart comparatively straightforward.