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by Joël de Rosnay . Let us use the macroscope to direct a new look at nature, society, and man observes in the macroscope the organism that shelters it. May 27, Editions du Seuil, The complete book on a “The Macroscope” by Joël de Rosnay – Old but very good. Mar 30, The Macroscope: A New World of Scientific SystembyJoel de Rosnay.

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Will the macroscope similarly lead to scientific revolutions of its own? Perhaps one of the best ways of seeing the strength and the impact of the systemic approach is to follow its birth and development in the lives of macroacope and institutions. Macoscope we proved the grand theories of others, as when de Maupertuis and La Condamine — proved that the earth bulges at its middle, thus confirming Isaac Newton’s theory that centrifugal force opposes gravity in planetary motions.

One could illustrate the concept of complexity with several points. In the same way the uncontrolled use of analogies, homologies, and isomorphisms can result in interpretations that complicate rather than enlighten.

The Macroscope: A New World Scientific System

For the communication of knowledge because the systemic approach has a conceptual framework. However, in the case of nonlinear interactions the variables are multiplied or divided by coefficients which are themselves functions of other variables.

Skepticism or distrust of the systemic approach is found among those-mathematicians and physicists-who have received the most advanced theoretical training. It is particularly recommended to people who wish to get an understanding of the basic concepts and applications of systems theory and cybernetics. The generation of variety can lead to adaptations through increase in complexity. In many cases, especially in industry, it is useless to look for speed of execution at any price, to exert pressure in order to obtain responses or results.

Yet there is no known instance of anyone citing his remarkable insight over the next four centuries.

The Macroscope: A New World Scientific System by Joël de Rosnay | LibraryThing

First, once, while conducting fieldwork in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State at the center of the acid rain debate, I found myself in a forest so dense and disturbed that I could shoulder forward at no more than one-half mile per hour. When the number of variables is small, we constantly use such analogical models to understand a system of which we have little information or to try to anticipate the responses or reactions of someone with a different model of the situation.


This particular state is called a steady state ; it is very different from the static state represented by the level of water in a reservoir having no communication with the environment Fig. But in its confrontation with the random disturbances of the environment, variety also produces the unexpectedwhich is the seed of change. In effect a positive feedback loop always acting in the same direction leads to the accelerated growth of a given value see page The user can test different hypotheses without running the risk of destroying the system under study-a particularly important advantage in the case of living systems or those that are fragile or very costly.

In macdoscope, the decision to diminish the flow when the level increases and the inverse maintains the level at a constant depth. The prebiological evolution the genesis of living systems and the biological and social evolutions are examples of evolution toward levels of increasing complexily.

Another example of a nonlinear relationship is the response of enzymes to different concentrations of substrate molecules that they transform. These basic principles of cybernetics apply to every human organization. There is no true union without antagonism, balance of power, conflict.

Perhaps it will be useful here to recall a few definitions. These are eased somewhat by macroscooe overdraft privilege that banks grant to some companies. In the General Systems Macroscops began to appear; their influence was to be profound on all those who sought to expand the cybernetic approach to social systems and the industrial firm in particular.

In the short term the manager uses internal indicators such as sales, inventory, orders placed, changes in production margins, productivity, delivery delays, money in reserve. Trivia About Le Macroscope: Clement Vidal rated it it was amazing Jan 24, At the same time it bestows on the systems very special properties.

Delays have an important role in the phenomena of amplification or inhibition that are typical of the behavior of complex systems. The purpose of the new methods is to consider a ronsay in its totality its complexityand its own dynamics Through simulation macorscope can “animate” a system and observe in real time the effects of the different kinds of interactions among its elements.


Flows of energy, information, or elements that circulate between reservoirs. Positive feedback leads to divergent behavior: Perusing satellite imagery, he suddenly realized that the answer lay in vast currents of water vapor drifting through the atmosphere.

Elements or components that can be counted and assembled in categories, families, or populations. It should enable us to extract from the properties and the behavior of complex systems some general rules jjoel understanding systems better and acting on them. There is tight control; the system oscillates around an ideal equilibrium that it never maceoscope.

A New England Connection?

What is missing from the archaeological record? We can trace the old coasts at various stages and times over the pastyears and predict likely settlement sites and trade routes. They oppose change with every macrocsope at their disposal. During the Rosnag Ages in Europe, however, notions of real-world geography devolved into fantasies, and no term for geography was in common usage even in the highest realms of government and academe.

InI wrote in ArcNews that only two geography departments remained in the top 20 private universities in the United States. The rewards may be invaluable for understanding deep earth processes, estimating seismic risks, reconstructing the paleogeography of plant and animal life, predicting the distributions of oil and other essential minerals, and scores of revelations yet to come.

Soon, he too was rejected and ridiculed for his unconventional theory until ocean floor spreading was discovered and eosnay as proof in the early s. Yes, most definitely, because science would be diminished too much without it.

Yet its reach cannot be held to the precision of definitions; the concept of system is not readily confined. I could see merely a few feet ahead, but I had with me a map of land-cover types previously classified in the laboratory—a bit of the macroscope, one might say.

In common English, I am suggesting that earth science as macrosvope whole is so flawed by lack of spatial thinking that there will be “easy picking” and lots of “low-hanging fruit.