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Since time began, there have been Nightwalkers – the races of the night who live in the shadows of the moonlight. Love with humans is absolutely forbidden, and. Jacob is the first novel in Jacquelyn Frank’s Nightwalkers paranormal romance series. The Nightwalkers are the secret races that walk the night such as demons, . Read an excerpt from JACOB The Nightwalkers- Book 1 Jacob recognized the younger Demon’s hunger, feeling it as it eddied into him.

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I don’t think I would have enjoyed it half as much if I wasn’t listening to her read it. This book was a lot of fun. Jacob Nightwalkers Series, Book 1 Written by: Full of action and sexiness. Their feelings were described rather than the actions, jightwalkers that really ruined it further.

I absolutely loved this book. The playfulness between him and bella was adorable Besides romance, it also has decent world building and secondary characters who will be featured in future books. She was a bitch and I just could not get past it. She did a great job, although her voice is a bit sweet on the female lead’s parts. She wasn’t even suave like Cat to be so mouthy. And since Lucian is my favorite supernatural hottie, you can imagine how reluctant I was to be pulled in by another magic-wielding macho.

The narrator is a pretty popular one. I understood her reasoning to deny what was happening, but it was too extreme.

I hated they slept together so soon, but I did like their bond and the way Elijah wanted so badly to nithtwalkers on good terms with her when that time came that soul mates had to mate.

View all 11 comments. I fell in love with the hero and heroine, Jacob and Bella, right from the start. So now both have to get over their hang ups and face a love that is as old as time. She would have methe ultimately pissed jjacob Gideon fan going for her throat. Interesting story, but not for me. I can’t believe the reviews on this book are not more positive, I really loved it. It happens a lot in http: But I am going to macob it since the entire series is on Hoopla!



Both times it was totally entertaining. She is unique and he is instantly attracted to her but no, no, no! I needed this fun and entertaining book! But Elijah quickly realizes that he needs more from Siena then just a nurse and what starts off as attraction soon burns into a passion with consequences that will affect both their people.

I enjoyed nighfwalkers much his possessiveness towards Isabella. Oh damn that cliche! There are more members of this demon species, Noah, their King, Gideon, the Ancient healer, Elijah, their warrior capitain, Magdelagna, a Body demon.

View all 4 comments. Another thing that annoys me is everything making comments about Legna getting her attitude and way of thinking from Bella. Elijah a Wind Demon, the Warrior Captain of the Demon armies he defends his race and his King against all enemies and up till the last decade he has spent last couple of centuries protecting Demons jqcob the attacks of the insane Lycanthrope King.

Now I can continue on with the series, every author can have a bad book, and I’m glad I gave the series another chance. I loved how Legna made him lose control, challenging and pushing him to acknowledge his emotions.

Nightwalkers Audiobooks – Listen to the Full Series |

I hope to see more of them, whether they have their own book or just continually show up in the others’ books. She literally accepted it within a few pages.

One night while she is lean A little different take on the paranormal world. So Jacob is hunting a Necromancer who has Summoned a demon and in the process of hunting, he stumbles upon our Isabella our heroine.


You wouldn’t get the interplay and the attraction between the two lead characters. But now, his life has change and Isabella is responsible for this change.

Imprinting for the Nightwalkers is the process in which nature forces demons to fall in love and bond with their mates. I am hoping this will be explored further in the next couple of books. This is the second book in the series.

It was hers and hers alone. What I also liked about these book apart from the gorgeous Jacob was the new world the Jacquelyn Frank is building up, the Nightwalkers have lycanthropes, vampires and other races for Ms Frank to play with and I know she has done another series with some of these different races in them.

What I don’t like is that it is soo overly wordy. Unfortunately, I wanted to put Isabella Russ in a headlock for most of the book. The universe that Ms. I really loved Jacob’s character.

Jacob (The Nightwalkers) by Jacquelyn Frank : Book Review

The heroes, the nightwalkers were ok likeable characters, but the heroine, oh my god, the heroine. This book started out a bit slow for me and therefore took me nightalkers to read, but it eventually picked up and I thought it was great. I know you remember where it is, too. He is loyal, honorable, and respectful.

I was so glad to see her not to turn out to ngihtwalkers like her predecessor. I mean, the guy gave Legna an orgasm without even freaking touching her.