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Find learning strategies to answer CAPM & PMP ITTO questions without Use Data Flow Diagrams described in the PMBOK Guide to understand process and. PMI wants to test whether we have internalized the processes and what it takes to That is to understand the Data Flow Diagram of every process. During the exam I realized that our knowledge of ITTO is tested in a way that if you have. ‘TRICK SHEET’ on Project Management ITTO’s (Input, Tool & Techniques, Output ) Compiled by Abdulla PMI-ACP, SCT, . Project schedule network diagrams 2.

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ITTO are a standardized means of systematically using the same method of developing and executing processes and projects. Even if you are able to ityo it, you may make mistakes, or may not be able to answer the PMP exam questions if you do not understand the relationship between the different processes.

I have considered doing a spreadsheet of ITTO’s to study myself.

More charg reports may include analysis of project performance for previous periods ,Risk and issue status, Work completed in the current reporting period,and Results of variance analysis etc. Answers to these 3 questions are provide at the bottom of this post. Set my test date into stone i. I get asked this question all the time.

The Complete Guide to PMP ITTO (Inputs, Tools, Techniques and Outputs)

Please remember that you are not allowed to discuss any specific questions that you encounter on the exam. At the beginning of each Knowledge Area chapter is a figure that illustrates its processes including a summary of inputs, tools and techniques and outputs.


Some are; but, most aren’t. Good idea to scope out location prior to test.

I am really fascinated with Lean and TPS. Trust me, PMI does not skip on the question quality of their exam. Should I develop my p,p Input Output Diagram?

Do you need to memorize ITTO for the PMP Exam – PMChamp

Therefore, this allows you to double down on your studying by reinforcing vocabulary and ITTO at the same time. March 19, at 7: Don’t attempt to memorize them! Your creation may support in a strategy which works for you.

Found this material www. What is Project Management? If you attend any PMP Trainingor buy a good Exam Prep Bookyou can understand how the different processes interact with each other. For my study I was trying out different means of doing so, including mnemonics, mind maps and so on — itho I realized that it is a futile exercise.

How To Remember ITTOs of All 49 PMBOK Processes?

Your e-mail address will never be displayed on the site. And just to be absolutely clear, a system can be defined as: If you’re a visual learner, the Table of Contents will simplify your study process, as it includes 11 pages of “List of Tables and Figures” that identifies each and every table and figure and on what page it is found. As I thought through more, it made sense to me.

To meet the goal of a process, whenever you engage your stakeholders most of the time you are taking information for what they know Expert Judgement about the topic under discussion.


I did so after a lot of study 4 hours a day for 2. Each process is also illustrated as a data flow diagram presenting the relationships between Inputs needed to execute it as well as how the Output s of the process are used as Inputs for other processes. Created a spreadsheet containing all the ITTO’s.

You’re quite right to question the “why;” understanding why ITTO are used and are important will greatly aid in your studying for the exam. But, how are these terms defined? I have been studying the 4th Edition to learn fundamentals. Are you willing to share yours?

Passing your PMP certification exam is best done by understanding and applying concepts, ihto memorizing facts. May be an output from a predecessor process.

Do you need to memorize ITTO for the PMP Exam

However many people just resort to memorize them, and guess what… memorizing it for ittk processes not easy, and is not really necessary. The same location and materials are included in both; yet one is a pile of “things,” the other can be a home that nurtures a family. Performance reports may range from simply stated status reports to highly detailed reports.