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The has files converted by IM (latest version, command line) that show the RGB source file converted to grayscale. The easiest way to convert images to grayscale (graylevel) is by using ” imagemagick” the image manipulation programs suite. Use the. No idea why but identify seems to always assume sRGB. Your image should actually be grayscale. If you use the -verbose option it will report.

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ImageMagick source code and algorithms are discussed here. Gratscale questions which are too arcane for the normal user list should also be posted here.

Our client complains that some files converted by ImageMagick are converted to grayscale. When I open the converted broken files in Photoshop, PS compains about a damaged profile. When PS displays the converted image, it shows as a gray image. grayscaale

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However, in later versions of IM 6. But, I cannot get it working with 6.

We build our ImageMagick components in visual studio MT dynamic mode Q16, and then run the IM installer to get the right bits on the customer machines. When I build against 6. I upgraded our build to 6.

Convert to grayscale , keep transparency – ImageMagick

Image to get information from the file we are processing. We create the pointer to pImage, but when the method is finished there is a crash. I am imzgemagick if you know of any issues in using the latest. This also did not work for me with a 6.

Sorry I cannot tease out of our code a test executable to show the issue. And that leaks memory, of course.

Convert an Image to Grayscale with ImageMagick

And that is new behaviour in this version. I get a crash if I do the correct thing: An Imagemagick developer will need to respond to that and to the crash issue on newer versions of IM. None of this imzgemagick with 6. I am wondering if the implementation of Magick::