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The iRex Iliad is an electronic book reader device. Its most obvious distinction is its large screen resolution (x pixels, now surpassed by the Digital. A comparative review of the iRex iLiad ereader by iRex. Discover sources for downloading free ebooks and ereader software. I purchased this second hand and had problems with it from the word go. I got in touch with Irex, the support team emailed me quickly with their response, signed .

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Documentation on the device itself is also sorely lacking. Unlike the 2nd Edition, it does not have Wi-Fi. As has been pointed out before, the use of open-source software alone does not by itself make a device open and hackable.

It’s this last one that truly separates an ebook from an actual book. We’re fascinated by the idea of ebooks, but implementations of the concept have so far been dogged with flaws.

Retrieved from ” https: In MayiRex Technologies added a third installment to the iLiad line of products, this time branded under the name iLiad Book Edition.

Anything I present here is provided as-is, and is not in any way guaranteed to be accurate or free of errors. Developers have been able to improve on the device’s functionality by porting viewers such as FBReaderand programs such as abiword and stardict.

iLiad – Wikipedia

The third part, documentation, is rather inadequate — Though a few of urex header files for Iliad-specific libraries are documented for doxygenmost are completely undocumented.


The iLiad’s main selling point is the touchscreen with an integrated Wacom sensor board, which gives the device a notepad-like feature.

One byproduct of the custom ilad is that the screen doesn’t respond to fingernails, stray knuckle taps, or non-iRex styli. The unit charges via power adapter in about 3 hours. Chief among them is the fact that annotations can’t be easily passed back to the PC.

Putting pen to e-paper: iRex iLiad ebook reader review

I’ve done so below; if it’s not obvious and it’s probably notthis is my artistic rendition of Managing Editor Eric Bangeman taking a spacewalk outside the Orbiting HQ. Insales of the iLiad ended when its parent company, iRex Technologies, filed for bankruptcy. The exact dimensions of this unit are x x 16 mm 8. The iRex Iliad is an electronic book reader device.

A hacker’s guide to the iRex Iliad

My version of the Iliad: The three buttons below the Flipbar are up, down, and select. Most of the complaints toward iRex center around speed of release of SDKs and other information. So when I started tinkering, and as I have a bad memory anyway, I decided to write down what I learned for everybody’s benefit.

When it was introduced, the Iliad had largest screen size of existing e-paper products, but the newer iRex Digital Reader ‘s Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

iLiad Book Edition Review – iRex eReader

For most of us in the modern world, a book is a commodity to be consumed and then discarded after one reading. Coming soon to Carnegie Hall. This is a Good Thing TM Wikimedia Commons has media related to iLiad. Other versions may differ in some respects.


The iLiad was an electronic handheld device, iilad e-Readerwhich could be used for document reading and editing. The two above it are menu buttons. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

As you can see in the images, the iLiad has a unique feature that runs down its left side. You won’t be slaughtered in the night by rampaging Achaeans—certainly good news—but you will have contend with some issues. Its most obvious distinction is its large screen resolution x pixels, now surpassed by the Digital Readeralso by iRex. There are also a number of websites you can download free ebooks from, such as Manybooks. Make the changes, and it’s ready for publication. Ilaid e-book devices Electronic paper technology Linux-based devices.

You can draw on it, tap to zoom, takes notes, and navigate pages.

Developers and users wishing to create or run third party applications can request shell access from the manufacturer. One of the advanced features of the iLiad is the ability to add notes to existing documents.

Description of the main components, disk partitions, boot sequence and installation packages of the Iliad. You must login or create an account to comment.