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Watch what it’s like to shoot an IDPA match. IDPA MATCH RULES. Curious about the match rules, scoring, and what you need to do before shooting a match ?. New IDPA Rulebook – Ontelaunee IDPA – March – 1. I like to think of myself as one of the few USPSA Shooters that can discuss IDPA. Old (Historical) IDPA Rule Books rulebook (The “Flat-Footed Reload Rule Book”). July 6, – The Little Brown Book (April, to October, ).

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What started out as a loose hobby for me has turned into a passion.

It covers almost all aspects of running matches. In case you haven’t seen it, the Winter issue of the Tactical Journal is now live on the website! Not sure if competitive shooting is right for you? When a shooter is about to run into a barricade, potentially trip or fall, or do something unsafe, the SO will physically intervene when possible, to prevent a potential accident. LEOs may use their firearm with a weapon mounted light, but may not turn on the light. A purchase of a handgun provides virtually all equipment needed to shoot a match, so it’s easy to get started.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of idp posts by email. Join the comradery of like- minded shooters all over urle world. Classifier scores will be accepted into the system. Keep in mind it’s not legal until October when the new rules take effect because my 97b won’t make it to 39 ounces old ssp requirements but will make it under 43 ounces new ssp requirements without a problem.


As the release date grew near, I wondered how people such as Rkle woud react to changes that could dramatically affect how the game was played. The Original CZ Forum.


Clubs are not required to implement this provision, and Match Directors are allowed discretion with implementation so that match quality remains high. Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

IDPA Rulebook released – Gun Nuts Media

Who would benefit most, the gamers or the traditionalists? View our club benefits page to learn more about what you get with IDPA. Clubs can add extra safety rules if they do not conflict with the purpose and principles of IDPA. Please ruke or register.

We hope you will enjoy the changes. Predictably, there are quite a few changes from the draft rulebook that was released and the final version. Disappearing targets have been defined, as well as how much of a target must be visible to the shooter to not be considered a disappearing target. IDPA is perfectly positioned at the wide end of the funnel to capture the surge of new shooters interested in self-defense and concealed carry, by adding the club level outlaw divisions and continuing to refine the rules, I think IDPA is in great shape for the next few years.

More on that next week. Well, maybe I could use a spare if the price is right. Learn more about IDPA membership. Continuing the restriction on weapon mounted lights, appendix carry, full length dust covers unless you play the SSP to ESP circular logic game.

This allows calibers smaller than 9mm, carry optics, and other pistols which do not fit into the rulw competition divisions to participate in local club matches. Including each host club, which becomes a registered IDPA club with the expectation that the product produced by IDPA will attract shooters and provide a revenue ruel for their club well at least not result in a loss.

Concerns Surrounding the New IDPA Rulebook – Walt In PA

IDPA has also helped me to really find the right pistols for myself for both carry and competition, instead of just going with what I thought I liked in the store. When I became licensed to carry, my husband John, insisted that I train before I started actually carrying a firearm. It is the intellectual property that IDPA sells to every paying customer, and defends when local clubs run matches, using this intellectual property without becoming a registered club.


Find local matches or classifiers. Moving an organization is no small feat and we hope you will be patient with us as we settle into our new digs. The most diverse came from Kerry as he stepped through a variety of concerns and what they meant for everyone involved in the sport. But to do that, we have to get people with RMRs on their guns to go out and shoot IDPA matches starting as soon as the new rules go into effect.

We discussed how the draft rulebook actually required safety officers to attempt to stop a shooter from tripping, falling, or running into a prop. The provisional rules can be viewed at http: However the things that are wrong in the new RB are very wrong. This would allow matches across the county to become more consistent.

Find a local match and experience it for yourself. Glad to hear IDPA changed the rules.

IDPA Rulebook

There is now a Match Administration handbook. By finalizing the classifiers for this division, it becomes easier for clubs to recognize this growing division for their matches at every level of our sport.

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