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Egyptian Henbane learn more about names for this taxon Hyoscyamus muticus Trusted Image of Hyoscyamus muticus; Map of Hyoscyamus muticus. Expert(s). Expert: Notes: Reference for: Other Source(s). Source: Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), – , database (version ). Conjugation of reduced glutathione to a wide number of exogenous and endogenous hydrophobic electrophiles.

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In most cases, the first leaves of tetraploids had a distored appearance, but the subsequent leaves appeared normal at the place of treatment. Polyploidy manipulation has been successfully used in plant breeding to facilitate the production of superior cultivars in many crop species.

Cell-cycle regulation of hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein HRGPnt3 gene expression during the initiation of lateral root meristems.

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The epidermic cells of tetraploids as shown in Fig. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Hyoscyamus muticus – Useful Tropical Plants

Diploid seeds of Egyptian henbane Hyoscyamus muticuswhich were imported from Finland were used as a source for polyploidy induction. It contains alkaloids that are useful in pharmaceuticals.

Regarding to the mixoploidy production in colchicines treated meristems and remaining of diploid cells that proliferate at higher rates than tetraploid ones Mergen and Lester, it is possible that selected plants, partially or hyosfyamus reversed to the diploid condition after successive cell division cycles. The most widely applied and best studied chemical that induces polyploids is colchicine, an alkaloid extracted from seeds or corms muficus the autumn crocus Colchicum autumnae or Colemid, its synthetic equivalent Hassawi and Liang, ; Poehlman, Flow cytometry analysis of ploidy levels: The number of chloroplasts in 8 guard cells of stomata was counted by removing the upper epidermis of leaves.


It is used locally as a painkiller and a recreational drug. Similar results also had been observed in other studies by Lavania and Lavania and Srivastava In this study, the peak that represents the G 1 phase of the tetraploid cell cycle was located on channelwhereas for control this peak was on channel When released slowly, scopolamine reduces the nausea of motion sickness or post-operative recovery.

In flow cytometry profile of root samples, the proportion of G 1 and G 2 nuclei were nearly balanced, while in leaf and stem, the proportion of G 2 nuclei was higher than those of G 1.

Plants Profile for Hyoscyamus muticus (henbane)

It hyosfyamus been reported that the tetraploid plant, Hyoscyamus muticushad nearly 1. Therefore, flow cytometric analysis of the DNA content of leaves in Egyptian henbane was applied in the present experiment to determine ploidy level. Representative body hyosfyamus, flowers, seed sizes and leaves from diploid and colchiploid plants of Egyptian henbane Hyoscyamus muticus a, b body size, c, d relative size of flowers, e, f relative size of seeds and g, h leaves of diploid and tetraploid, respectively.

The morphological features of tetraploid and diploid plants were evaluated to determine whether they could be used as markers for identifying putative tetraploids in these species. Therefore, if seeds are required for multiplication, it is hyoscyamuw to search those genotypes with high fertility as reported by Lavania Enhancing the productivity of secondary metabolites via induced polyploidy.

After about 40 days of growth, all colchicines treated plantlets had significantly shorter shoots than untreated plantlets. Tropane alkaloids, especially hyoscyamin and scopolamine, are widely used in medicine for their mydriatic, antispasmodic, anticholinergic, analgesic and sedative properties Zehra et al.


Solid, stable autotetraploids as well as mixoploids were produced by treating Egyptian henbane plantlets with colchicine. The wild plants are used in traditional local medicine.

Effects of double haploid production in wheat. A further objective of the present study is to produce raw material for future study on different ploidy levels in transgenic hairy root culture mutucus this species.

This result shows that endureduoplication possibly does not occurred in the root of this species. Enhanced productivity of tropane alkaloids and fertility in artificial autotetraploids of Hyoscyamus niger L.

It is sometimes cultivated muyicus countries such as Egypt, Pakistan and India for its medicinal alkaloids, which may be exported to countries such as Germany. The fruit is a capsule. Thus, induction of artificial polyploidy may prove useful in increasing the production of these important medicinal compounds Dhawan and Lavania, Egyptian henbane is a perennial herb or shrub with a height of up to 1.

Hyoscyamus muticus

In vitro tetraploid induction and generation of tetraploids frome mixoploids in hop Humulus lupulus L. Endopolyploidy in diploid and tetraploid maize Zea mays L. In vitro induction of banana autotetraploids by colchicine treatment of micropropagated diploids. Morphological characteristics such as size and thickness of leaves, flowers, seeds, epidermis and guard cells, as well as the number of chloroplast in guard cells were considered as other parameters for identifying putative tetraploid plants.

In this research to investigate the stability of the induced tetraploids, flow cytometry measurement was conducted again from leaves in C 1 and C 2 generations.