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Offences Against Property (Enforcement of ‘Hudood’) Ordinance, (2) It extends to the whole of Pakistan. (3) It shall come into force on the. Pakistan’s notorious Hudood Ordinances were promulgated in by the military regime of General Ziaul Haq. The most controversial of. (1) This Ordinance may be called offence of. Zina (Enforcement of Hudood) Ordinance, (2)It extends to the whole of Pakistan. (3)It shall.

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Short title, extent and commencement 1. As a result, courts sometimes view a woman’s allegations of rape as an admission of illegal sex, making sexual assault victims susceptible to prosecution themselves.

Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. Retrieved 29 January By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Furthermore, in addition to other problems 19799 by oordinance laws, their judicial application also made it easier to get away with crimes against women such as honour killings and general degradation and humiliation of women in society. The Denial of Juvenile Justice in Pakistan. Now arises the question why is there so much insistence on abolishing the shari’a punishment for Zina bil Jabr?

Her rapist was acquitted. Currently, the only hudoood way to obtain a rape conviction is if the accused confesses or there are four adult male witnesses to the act of penetration. Archived from the original on 2 March Punishment for Zina or zina-bil-jabr where convit is not an adult.


The Hudood Ordinances – Newspaper –

Human Rights Watch urges President General Pervez Musharraf and members of the National Assembly to implement the recommendation and reject the current proposed amendments.

The provisions of Chapter XXIX of the Code shall not apply in respect of punishments awarded under section 5 or section 6 of this Ordinance. The primary distinction between the hadd and tazir offenses is that the hadd offences require a higher standard of proof than is needed in tazir as the Islamic punishments are more severe.

Zina bil Jabr 1 A person is said to commit zina-bil-jabr if he or she has sexual inter-course with a woman or man, as the case may be, to whom he or she is not validly married, in any of the following circumstances, namely: The provision of sub-section 3 of section or section of the Code shall not apply in respect of the punishment of whipping awarded under this Ordinance.

Pakistan: Proposed Reforms to Hudood Laws Fall Short

It was restored in stages between November and Marchand although it contains provisions guaranteeing equality before law and prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex alone, the Hudood Ordinances have been permitted to co-exist.

Zafran had confessed to her crime. Flogging may be postponed if the offender is ill, pregnant, or if the weather is too cold, etc. Stories of suffering by women who claimed to have been raped appeared in the press in the years following the passing of the Hudood Ordinance stirring protests by Pakistani activists and lawyers and international human rights organizations.


Hudood Ordinances

Retrieved 21 November Under haddeyewitnesses evidence of the act of penetration by “at least four Muslim adult male witnesses”, about whom “the court is satisfied”, that “they are truthful persons and abstain from major sins kabair ” tazkiyah al-shuhood.

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July 7, News Release. Please give now to support our work. Case in which hudoood shall not be enforced 1. Zina liable to hadd.

Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. Qazf does not require such strong evidence. The provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure,hereafter in this section referred to as the Code, shall apply, mutatis mutandis in respect of cases under this Ordinance: Retrieved ordinwnce May Crime and Punishment in Islamic Law: December 13, News Release.

No court of law can be in its right mind to award such a punishment. In the case mentioned in sub-section 1the Court may order retrial. This is to discourage one step of humiliation of women.