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JNTO is official Japan Tourism Organization, providing free advice and 【 Announcement】For Travel Agencies: Regarding Travel Subsidies in Hokkaido. At the reception, he outlined the key to enjoying Hokkaido from an Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) -In cooperation with. Explore Cities. 1 Hokkaido; 2 Tohoku; 3 Tokyo; 4 Chubu; 5 Kyoto; 6 Nara; 7 Osaka; 8 Kobe; 9 Shikoku; 10 Hiroshima · Explore regions.

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No matter how you chose to spend your day, make a Niseko night of it at the resort’s highly acclaimed restaurants and bars.

You should also try the various local dishes that use local beef and vegetables. Lupines and tulips flower in May and are followed by a succession of blue homkaido, poppies, and dahlias through early summer. Over 2, varieties of animals can be found here, including the country’s majestic natural monument, the Tancho crane.

Enjoy the natural environment of Hokkaido in summertime in both simple and deep ways

Sapporo’s world-renowned winter snow festival, with its massive snow and ice sculptures, attracts thousands of people every year. They once survived by hunting, fishing and foraging, and created many beautiful objects used in their daily lives such as knives and clothing. Travellers wishing to experience another side of Japan should set their sites north to Hokkaido-an adventurous expanse of deep forests, towering mountains, and other natural wonders.

Travelers will be able to take a bullet train directly from Tokyo to see all of the natural and man-made wonders of northern Tohoku and Hokkaido.

Alternative winter sports, like snowshoeing, dog-sledding and snowmobiling, are also available and you can attend one of the grandest festivals in Japan—the Sapporo Snow Festival. See animals and birds in their natural habitats and bathe in volcanic waters with picturesque backdrops. Feel your stress melt away as you soak in the healing water and listen to the sound of snowflakes falling. Hand-carved wooden trays featuring traditional motifs unique to Ainu culture, including soft spirals, diamond-shaped eyes, thorns and fish scales.


Hokkaido ohkkaido a winter wonderland riddled with hokkaudo ski resorts and volcanic hot springs. Bolta Figurines Bolta ningyo are dolls welded from bolts, hok,aido, washers and other components, made in Muroran, a city of iron in Hokkaido.

The Ishikari River in Hokkaido is famous for the delicious salmon that swim in its waters. Modern Art Visualize Japan’s treasured heritage and its cutting-edge future. If you’ve never heard of Hokkaido, you’re not alone. The slightly sweet taste of crab, flounder, cod, and octopus from Japan’s cold northern jjto are highly prized.

The time to discover the hidden Hokkaido is now. The Center provides information on seasonal highlights, appearance of bears, and so on. Hokkaido’s sea urchins are especially delectable due to their mellow, sweet flavor. Please Confirm Your Location We use location data to provide you with accurate tourism info.

Hokkaido – Japan’s Regional Charm – JapanGov

The taste of the milk and butter that are a staple of breakfast menus at hotels is exceptional. Hokkaido Seafood Japan is synonymous with seafood, and it features on menus everywhere throughout the country. The area is famous for its large beer parlors such as the Sapporo and Kirin Beer Gardens. Stepping into the market, the aisle is about 3 meters wide and each side is tightly lined with stores containing stands, and many tourists pass by.

Shipping costs are reasonable because items are hokkaidi in consolidated cargos for frozen and refrigerated products.

Welcome to the Japan National Tourism Organization Website

You would never get tired of the popping texture and mild sweetness, no matter how many times you eat it. To the south, at the foothills of Hidaka Mountain, gondolas ferry visitors to the Unkai Terrace viewing platform belonging to the Hoshino Resorts Tomamu.


For those who prefer a more relaxing experience, many hot springs beckon throughout Hokkaido including Niseko’s famous onsen, or volcanic hot jnro.

Though the JNTO endeavors to ensure the information is accurate, users of the information are to act on such using hok,aido own judgement and at their own risk. In addition to forested mountains, the countryside is home to fertile farmland and milky-water mineral hot springs.

Long considered the country’s frontier, Hokkaido retains an untamed mystique, making it a magnet for outdoor adventurists who come to backpack, ski, camp, and bike through the rugged countryside. Summer Summer is lavender season in Hokkaido, and there are dozens of other flower festivals too.

And Hokkaido’s ancient Ainu culture is like none other in Japan. Also, be sure to order the ” Genghis Khan ,” in which sliced mutton, bean sprouts, and pumpkin are served in a helmet-shaped iron bowl.

Along with its many charms, this popular sightseeing area is also a food paradise hokkaaido fresh Hokkaido-produced marine, agricultural and livestock products. Autumn In fall, view spectacular illuminations in the cities jnt colorful foliage in the national parks. Hokkaido is synonymous with skiing in Japan.


Got tickets? Check out where to stay and what to do

At New Chitose Airport, normal operation has started. Discover the Undiscovered Explore the undiscovered region in 7 days. Visit the lakes, rivers and mountains for hiking, mountain biking, canoeing and rafting.