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April 10, – This page contains mnemonics for the kanji taught in the first six years of school in Japan (i.e. kanji), as developed by. Kenneth G. Henshall. · Rating details · ratings · 17 reviews. This is a one -of-a-kind kanji study guide that introduces joyo kanji along with detailed. Henshall Kanji Mnemonics. This page contains mnemonics for the kanji taught in the Kanji, Number, Mnemonic. 一, 1, one finger. 右, 2, right hand to the mouth.

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It is the most brilliant reference book ever for learning kanji. Goodreads helps kkanji keep track of books you want to read. I’m doing Heisig’s RTK right now and it’s working wonders. To submit a translation request, visit here instead.

Henshall (1005 kyōiku kanji)

Return to Book Page. Feb 03, Mike rated it it was amazing. If you’re a raw beginner, I recommend starting with Read Japanese Today! Refresh and try again. Absolutely fantastic reference material for the individual who needs context for their Kanji study. How about a method which teaches radicals via meaning and mnemonics, such as WaniKani?

You can use Wiktionary. I want henshqll note that I have only really used this intensively to around thought I’ll return to it after I finish my current reviewbut I removed a star because I find that some of the examples are not terribly useful. Use of this site constitutes kznji of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


Use furigana if you think they won’t understand your kanji usage. The goal of any mnemonic system is that the mnemonic is kanjj in the beginning but eventually just drops away.

Henshall Kanji Mnemonics

Log in or sign up in seconds. It helped me to learn some of the readings that I had not gotten before. The mnemonic offered is “Four hands provide help”. Paperbackpages.


This is truly a fantastic reference book. New to the sub?

The mnemonics are, to the degree possible without making them difficult, based on the etymology. For me, Henshall’s guide fits in nicely as a companion for study under the Heisig system, providing kanjk background material and ideas for the stories you create on your own.

Kendra Lawrence rated it liked it Jun 07, This is the main reason why I chose the Heisig system for memorizing kanji, which makes a point of being consistent in terms of assigning a single meaning to a single primitive. I’d assume that it would make learning vocabulary much easier if you had to memorize a word and saw that you knew its kanji already.

Aug 25, Nash rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Since my only methods for learning kanji are mnemonics and SRS of course I am quite curious what your methods are. Trivia About A Guide to Rememb In terms of creating stories, I kqnji it would be helpful to get a “feel” for each kanji and how it evolved. Furigana To create furigana in your posts, use the following syntax: Submit a new text post.


Christie rated it it was amazing Feb henshal, Ruairi rated it really liked it Apr hensuall, Feb 14, Ollie rated it it genshall amazing Shelves: Although my emphasis was obviously on memorizing the current characters, it was easy to be drawn into the unique history of each kanji.

This technique is quicker, and doesn’t burden your memory with what is in fact non-essential information. This is a one-of-a-kind kanji study guide that introduces joyo kanji along with detailed, authentic notes about the historical development of each.

Content creators wishing to advertise must contact the mods first. Renumbering the Joyu list. Just be cognizant of your goals when perusing this book — that is, you probably want to learn kanji as opposed to the history of kanji– and orient your study accordingly.

A great book for the serious student of kanji or any curious person. The following will result in post removal: In other words, this book makes Japanese kanji memorable.