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Halasana is usually performed after Sarvangasana for anywhere from 1 Benefits. Calms the brain; Stimulates the abdominal organs and the. Halasana (Plow Pose) is often taught hand-in-hand with Sarvangasana Plow is said to have the same benefits as Sarvangasana, which yoga. Halasana is Known as Plow Pose. Effective in weight loss and back pain. Strengthens the abdominal muscles. Cures the symptoms of menopause.

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With one deep breath pick the entire lower body and take it far behind your head trying to reach for the floor with your toes. Slowly bring the toes behind the head and straighten halzsana legs. The spine, neck, shoulders, legs, and hip. Roll back and forth. Bring the hands together and interlace the fingers.

Halasana is a folded inversion, traditionally considered a finishing pose that may be practiced at the end of a yoga session. Even if one does not have any of the above problems and yet finds it difficult to go into this pose or remain in this pose comfortably, one should work on the body with the guidance of an expert in the field of yoga practice.

Wind Release Pose Pavan Muktasana: With one more deep inhalation bring the lower back, chest, abdominal area to the floor and relax the back placing benefiits on the floor with feet on the floor and bend knees.


In this yoga pose with feet and upper body raised up to 60 degrees and holding on to this pose by holding the toes with your fingers, the abdominal muscles are put to work. Repeat this till the entire body is relaxed with normal breathing. After a few halaaana continue the practice of the pose and try and hold it longer with ease.

Those suffering from back problems or slipped disc Weak or injured cervical muscles Weak legs, weak hamstring muscles or calf muscles. With a deep breath raise both feet upto 90 degree and exhale.

Halasana – Plow Pose Yoga Benefits

Is Your Chi Blocked? Remain here with few breaths and bring the body at ease. The pressure at the lower abdomen also helps to open the lower back thus making the flow of the back in Halasana easy.

You could hslasana by placing both legs on the wall with lower back close to the wall too. Remain at the pose for a few breaths and allow the flow of blood to happen. He takes the child and names her Sita. Lift the legs up to a vertical position.

Plough Pose

Using the arms and wrists give the lower back the support to halaxana in the position, but ensure not to push the back. Effective in Weight Loss. As part of Shoulderstand sequence – bringing legs over head – toes touch floor behind head – extending arms. Play Hlaasana audio pronunciation for Halasana Sorry, your browser does not support playing audio files.


Then with an exhalation raise the head and reach for the toes with the hands and grab them to get a grip to help you pull yourself up.

Continue reading more on Plough Pose Benefits. Generally this pose works well when one gets the coordination of the breathing at the pose. Those people should do this regularly. This halasans of energy is explained below: As a finishing pose, it helps prepare the body for relaxation, pranayama and meditation.

benerits It stimulates the reproductive organs. From Shoulder Stand, slowly lower your legs down to the floor behind your head. A proper flow of energy with ease is essential and this should be learned from an expert yoga teacher. Step by step flow of body into the pose of Halasana is given in detail below: