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excluding tankers and vessels which are either classified in Lloyd’s Register or described in Lloyd’s. Shipping Index as “Ore/Oil” vessels. (b) No obvious clerical error in the documents shall entitle Buyers . of supervision and sampling of the goods, from the GAFTA Register of. Any extra charges for loading single and/or tween deckers (self-trimming bulk carriers excluded) and in any. 79 space/hold/tank other than.

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GAFTA’s prohibition clause was again in the spotlight. The buyers were required tafta give the sellers not less than 10 days’ “pre-advice” of, among other things, the carrying vessel’s name, dimensions and ETA.

Where traders use a mix of GAFTA standard and specifically negotiated terms, time and costs will be saved and uncertainties minimised if there is a clear mechanism for the interaction between the two sets of terms.

This new clause has been introduced in an effort to mitigate the burden placed on sellers with no knowledge of the ggafta final destination, which can result in their failure to provide contractually compliant phytosanitary certificate, thereby putting them in breach of their obligations under the sales contract.

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It held that on a true construction of the contract, where an FOB buyer nominates a substitute vessel pursuant to its right under GAFTA gatta, that nomination had to comply with the terms of the contract of sale, including those as to nomination and pre-advice.

GAFTA’s “prohibition” clause operates broadly speaking to cancel an export contract when there has been a relevant government act restricting its fulfilment. GAFTA has recently published new amendments to its standard form contracts, which relate to the provision of phytosanitary certificates and nomination clauses.

It is not enough if one term qualifies or modifies the effect of another; to be inconsistent a term must contradict another term or be in conflict with it, such that effect gqfta fairly be given to both clauses”. Buyer’s obligations regarding pre-advice shall only apply to the original vessel nominated.


However it is impossible to foresee all eventualities, and different views are possible about, for example, whether competing provisions cover the same ground in different ways, impose different outcomes, can or cannot be reconciled and if so how.

Cross-border non-disclosure agreements NDAs: In any month containing an odd number of days the middle day shall be accepted as being in both halves of the month, except for pricing purposes the middle day shall be considered to be in the first half of the month.

Although the above discussion has focused on the issue of prohibition clauses, the common law principles and analysis used in Gatfa and Nibulon are of general application. This change clearly brings clarity and favours FOB buyers giving them greater flexibility in nominating substitute vessels. News About this Firm.

GAFTA – The Grain and Feed Trade Association

A phytosanitary certificate is an official document 778 by the national plant protection organisation of the exporting country where the goods have been grown or processed.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership to begin in late December Buyers shall serve not less than It is, therefore, essential to monitor closely any updates and amendments, as these 7 have significant impact on those persons trading these commodities. It is prudent to have robust global business compliance policies to avoid significant financial and reputational damage.

When incorporating multiple clauses such as an entire alternative sale contract each provision should be cross checked for overlap, competing operation or inconsistency. The full clause reads:.

The sellers shall have the goods ready to be delivered to the buyers at any time within the contract period of delivery.

Superimposing GAFTA terms on another set of contract terms runs the risk of lengthy and costly legal argument.

Worldwide Europe European Union U. The contract, which incorporated GAFTA 49, and which, pursuant to the “period of delivery” clause, expressly granted the buyers the right of substitution, stipulated the delivery period as 15 gaftta 31 March The phytosanitary certificate facilitates trade, but it is not a trade document. Nibulon illustrates how readily this will occur.


Many contracts with Chinese suppliers have been drafted in a manner whereby a Chinese Court will not enforce them. Although this conclusion may seem unsurprising, the fact that similar issues had repeatedly to be referred to the higher courts over a relatively short time for clarification indicates how vexed the question of the interaction of different contractual provisions can be.

To reach this conclusion, the court applied guidance by the Court of Appeal in a different export quota case 2affirming that the first task is to see if clauses can sensibly be read together; only if they cannot is there an inconsistency.

At the time Bunge purported to terminate, that was not the case and the clock could not be wound back by Bunge subsequently offering to reinstate the contract. Norton Rose Fulbright Australia. Australia is rapidly gaining ground as an attractive seat for international arbitration within the Asia-Pacific region. That day, the sellers rejected both nominations as false, and held gxfta buyers in repudiatory breach of contract. The Court therefore concluded that the nomination of the vessel was not made in accordance with the contract because it did not comply with the contractual requirements for the original nomination.

Media, Telecoms, IT, Entertainment. When poor harvest conditions led Ukraine to introduce grain export quota restrictions in Octobersome sellers were unable to secure the required export licences. Traders should give careful consideration before taking the “mix and match” approach to contract drafting. Contracts often state that certain provisions are to prevail over others to the extent of any conflict between them. In Nibulonthe two clauses were not in conflict; but further consideration was needed by the Board about whether the seller’s’ inability to perform was caused by quota restrictions or the authorities’ failure to issue export licences.

The one clause that makes contracts with Chinese suppliers unenforceable.