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Furcation Involvement & Its Treatment: A Review. Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Advanced Medical and Dental Sciences Research. Shikai Tenbo. ;51(3) [Furcation involvement and its management]. [ Article in Japanese]. Hasegawa K, Miyashita H, Kinoshita S. PMID: The management of furcation involvement presents one of the greatest . The membrane was soaked in normal saline solution to improve its adhesion.

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[Furcation involvement and its management].

Various terms have been used to describe treatment procedures for furcation involvement in the literature viz; furcationplasty, root amputation, hemisection, root resection, root separation and tunnel preparation. The mandibular first molar has two roots, a mesiodistally flattened mesial root and a mostly straight and more rounded distal root 5. Go to Application Have a question? Treatment of furcation defects. Another treatment mqnagement covering the furcation with periodontal plastic surgery.

The lingual root is the longest, the mesiobuccal root is not as long, but it is broader buccolingually, the distobuccal root is the smallest of all the three roots. All measurements were made using the UNC probe, with the help of a custom-made acrylic stent, which served as a fixed reference point.

The interproximal furcation is best maintained by an interdental brush whereas facial and lingual furcations are better maintained by end tuft brush, rubber tip stimulator, or toothpick-in-holder. The resorbable GTR membrane with bone material was more effective than open debridement alone, in the treatment of furcation defects.

Initial furcation involvement can be effectively treated with effective plaque control and scaling and root planning, while grade II and III furcations require surgical management. The granulation tissue was removed in the furcation defect and thorough debridement was carried out with curettes and an ultrasonic scaler, to ensure a clean site for incorporation of the bone graft material and membrane.


A retrospective study 57 was done to analyze the factors influencing treatment decisions for periodontitis-affected teeth and the long-term outcome fjrcation these treatment decisions. Surgical management Four to six weeks after scaling and root planing and just prior to the surgical procedure, each subject was re-examined and baseline data were recorded. It is clearly shown in the radiographs as a radiolucent area in between the roots, especially in the lower molars.

Scaling and root planing.

Thus, the furcation fornix is inclined in buccolingual direction. Probing of pockets related to the attachment level. Grade II or Cul-de-sac like furcation defect can be treated by both regenerative and resective procedures.

The shapes of roots may have different shapes and may be completely or incompletely fused. Long term results of guided tissue regeneration therapy in the treatment of class II furcation defects: Between the two groups, the mean reduction in the vertical probing depth in the test group was 1. The pocket is suprabony, involving the soft tissue and there is a slight bone loss in the furcation area. The authors stated that various treatment modalities for molars with furcation involvement are selected based on the depth of furcation involvement.

These include 21. The mean distance of the furcation from CEJ for maxillary first premolar is 8 mm with a furcation width of approximately 0.

Both mesial and distal roots are wider mesiodistally on the buccal aspect as compared to the lingual aspect. The interradicular bone is completely destroyed similar to grade III lesions, in addition, there is gingival tissue recession making furcation opening clinically visible. Five years follow-up results demonstrated that 4 out of 7 fufcation had evidence of carious lesions.


Furcation involvement and its treatment –

This is the procedure done for mandibular molars where a single molar tooth can be converted into two bicuspids by retaining both mesial and the distal root. The theoretical advantage of the stent system was demonstrated in the study by Sivertson and Burgett. A rapid localized bone loss is often seen in association with vertical root fracture. A furcation or furca is the area of a tooth where the root divides from the common root trunk into a bifurcation or trifurcation.

The resolution of clinical inflammation in furcation area can be observed after this time period. Studies have compared changes in clinical attachment levels in areas with furcation involvement following open flap debridement and guided tissue regeneration GTR procedures.

Support Center Support Center. Other predisposing and contributing factors which facilitate furcation involvement include tooth brush trauma causing recession and loss of attachment, trauma from occlusion, endodontic lesions that get an access to furcation area, the thickness of investing alveolar process, root fracture and iatrogenic factors. The results of the study demonstrated a reduction involvemenr probing depth in both groups at the deepest vertical site in the furcation.