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Fungi from Yuggoth Full story online here Author H.P. Lovecraft Date of writing 27 December – 4 January This is an article about the poem. For the. Today we’re looking at the first 12 sonnets in the “Fungi From Yuggoth” sonnet cycle, all written over the winter break (December 27 to. Today we’re looking at the final 12 sonnets in the “Fungi From Yuggoth” sonnet cycle, all written over the winter break (December

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At the Mountains of Madness. Lists fyngi This Book. No more was there—just that one brazen bowl With traces of a curious oil within; Fretted with some obscurely patterned scroll, And symbols hinting vaguely of strange sin.

The way grew strange—the walls alike and madding— And far behind me, unseen feet were padding. The later poetry, beginning with The Ancient Track, while still somewhat old fashioned in style captures a pleasant weird vibe. The dead leaves rush in strange, fantastic twists, And chimney-smoke whirls round with alien grace, Heeding geometries of outer space, While Fomalhaut peers in through southward mists.

While he may not be the most he greatest of poets from a technical aspect, he does achieve his real goal, his true passion of horror. It would appear that Lovecraft hit something of poetic peak with this great torrent of sonnets. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jan 22, go to album. I’m very glad I read this. There was no wind, nor any trace of sound In puzzling shrub, or alien-featured tree, Nor any view before—till suddenly, Straight in my path, I saw a monstrous mound.


An entertaining look into a hidden aspect of a favorite author.

Publication: Fungi from Yuggoth And Other Poems

Jul 01, Carlos rated it liked it Shelves: Most critics don’t touch on how his writing can sometimes make one feel lost and confused in a foreign alien dark abyss to the point of madness. Much of his poetry that may be considered weird verse, are clearly echoing of the gothic poetry Poe produced.

Firstly, many writers keep a commonplace book – a tome where stray ideas, quotes and other inspirations are noted down — as indeed Lovecraft did.

For the eponymous species, see Mi-go. From the first story, Lovecraft had mesmerized me with his incredible use of words, and I admit, with his use of ancient and obsolete words. Now years distant from high school, I recently took up again my favorite copy of this short lay.

Sep 27, Prospero rated it liked it. This is where the fear is fjngi in me from his writing.

Fungi from Yuggoth by H. P. Lovecraft: An Annotated Edition (SOLD OUT)

This is fujgi cycle of 32 sonnets, originally published piecemeal. Half to the sky those steep sides loomed upspread, Rank-grassed, and cluttered by a crumbling flight Of lava stairs that scaled the fear-topped height In steps too vast for any human tread.

Donde Dioses frrom rigen. Of course there is also the fact that the cycle is a marvellous piece yuggotb writing. Night came, and that lone beacon, amber-hued, Beat on my sight as never it did of old; The evening star – but grown a thousandfold More haunting in this hush and solitude. Still, it seems that the ri I actually read this small collection of poems as an e-book available from Amazon not this print version.


Fungi from Yuggoth

There is a breathless, vague expectancy, As of vast ancient pomps I half recall, Or wild adventures, uncorporeal, Ecstasy-fraught, and as a day-dream free. Like a lot of authors Lovecraft first considered himself a poet, then revised that into an author.

His folk and friends are now an alien throng To which he struggles vainly to belong. All my stories, unconnected as they may be, are yuggogh on the fundamental lore of legend that this world was at one time inhabited by another ace who, in practicing black magic, lost their foothold and were expelled, yet live on outside ever ready to take possession of this earth.

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Some are little scary stories in their own right, while others aim more for the sense of the numinous that often accompanies the horrible in HPL’s fiction. Once more, he told me, I would stand ykggoth On those old heights, and hear the far-off foam. Hesperia I cannot tell why some things hold for me a sense of unplumbed marvels to befall, or of a rift in the horizon’s fhngi opening to worlds where only gods can be.

“Fungi from Yuggoth” by H. P. Lovecraft

However I have several problems with this conclusion. Objects around float nebulous and dim— False, phantom trifles of some vaster plan. If you like Fungi From Yuggoth, you may also like: We cleared a path—but raced in mad retreat When from below we heard frok clumping feet.