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GENERAL. Usage of Maintenance Manual. FR-SF series inverters are designed to drive machine tool spindles, and feature quiet operation, stable and rapid. Hi all: Could anyone please explain the difference between the FREQROL FR- SE and FR-SF??? To me they sound the same I thank you for. Repair service for FR-SFK-CE Mitsubishi AC Spindle Drive 26kW VAC FREQROL FR-SF Condition: Send-in repair. Free evaluation. 6 Months warranty .

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Please advise me with above mentioned information. After it is turned on, the parameters are validated.

Mitsubishi FR-SF

Is it a matter of changing parameters at the NC screen freqtol is it changing parameters at the spindle controller? At the time, correct the selection using the parameter ORS2 bit 8.

Position loop Creqrol after orientation 1: Lights when the power is turned on or the machine is reset. See the right-hand figure. Phase U See Appendixes 6 l and 9 l. Fixed on the heat radiation fin with screws. When the orientation time becomes long because the time period on which the spindle rotates at a creep speed point b to c is long, decrease PGl or in- crease OSP in the manner that the spindle does not overrun when it stops.


See the note of the alarm No.

Good Result guys, Thanks a lot, Mark. Note 1 If a multiple of parameters is defective, check and correct the parameters in accordance with the parameter error Nos. For instructions for setting parameters, see Reference 1. It should be set in the range from 1 time to 2 times H to H. I replaced all the 6 base Rf as was recomended by Greg. English Choose a language for shopping.

In addition, with the parameters obtained by the adjustment, check that the spindle correctly rotates at each speed and by each gear.

Item Cause Check Remedy Trouble analysis 0 When a rotation command is o Review the cause and take a issued, an alarm is indicated proper action by referencing on the display on the spindle Section 1. The transmission of o Even after the power of the o Check that the rotary switch parameters is fg.

The only other thing I noticed was that the Spindle drive is displaying a different speed to the machine. When decreasing PG2, point b approaches point c.


A It is checked when the power of the controller is turned on. Yep, it’s one of the big base transistors gone bad. They will help you contact with Service Department of Mitsubishi Electric. NG The motor over- The spindle does notruns when it stops. The termination resistor o Check that the termination D Replace the termination of the bus connection is resistor is correctly resistor.


Otherwise, the equipment may be damaged. Alternatively, the NF Appendix 5.


Pictures were taken on the testing station. The printed circuit 0 Check that the motor rotates 0 Replace the printed circuit board in the motor at several ten rpm and the board in the motor terminal built-in encoder speed display indicates “0”.

Load meter output 3v ‘Gl magnifi- ‘he magnification for 21PGl first decel-: See Appendix 3 2j. The decel side uses 12, maybe smaller ones Stores set data of the parameter. All the positions of the 0 Even after the power of the o Correctly set the positions dip switches SW to NC is turned on, the display of the dip switches SWS-1 to SW on the printed on the operation panel is as sw SW Freqro mode Selects the test mode.