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ELATERIDAE DE ARGENTINA especies presentes en Argentina de la familia Elateridae (Elateridae species from Argentina) adaptado de. ELATERIDAE DE BRASIL especies presentes en Brasil de la familia Elateridae ( Elateridae species from Brasil) J.E. Barriga-Tuñón, nov ELATERIDAE DE MÉXICO especies presentes en México de la familia Elateridae (Elateridae species from México) según: P.J. Johnson, March.

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A continuous area of occurrence was probably present before the species took refuge in two different localized areas: Magazin fur insektenkunde Irvine A. In Italy, Pedroni recorded a high proportion of Turanic species in the Northern Apennines Elaterid fauna and explained that as result of glaciers dynamics. The authors would also thank Dr. Platia states that specimens of the two distributive areas are morphologically identical Dr. We have three questions about Campylomorphus homalisinus: The Temperate Oceanic Submediterranean bioclimate is the prevailing climate type in the mountainous area.

How to cite item. Lesima Northern Apennines and it is the first record for the Lombardy region. Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie51 4— Study area of Mt.

  IEC 80001-1 PDF

Escaravelho (familia Elateridae) | Click beetle | Nuno Camejo | Flickr

Campyloxenus pyrothorax Fairmaire, Received Mar 3; Accepted Mar TurkeyDicronychus fabiani sp. Maretti for historical records.

The red star shows mt. Published online Mar Additionally, records for Lombardy of fanilia species are not present in the entomological famiila of three Italian Natural History Museums: Boletin de la Sociedad Entomologica Aragonesa S.

Annali del Museo civico di Storia naturale di Ferrara5, 27— Lesima yielded the first record of Campylomorphus homalisinus Illiger, inside Lombardy Italy [Fig. Elateridae from Kurdistan Region — Iraq, with description of three new species. Reproductive ecology of tropical forest plants.

Ruiz S. A., 1996: Catalogo Bibliografico de las Especies de la Familia Elateridae (Coleoptera)

elateridxe Catalogo dei coleotteri della Lombardia. During Earth’s warmer periods the glaciers receded and some species colonized the newly uncovered land. Reid; Michael Schmitt; S. In the case of Mt. Groppali Riccardo planned the field work.

Abstract One new genus Roznerathous gen. User Username Password Remember me. Tipografia Bizzoni, Pavia; Elateridarium2, — Email the author Login required.

Laserpitium silerwhich Campylomorphus homalisinus and Limonius minutus feed on, has disc white flowers with accessible nectar, grouped in umbrella-shape blooms; Knautia drymeiawhich Athous flavipennis feed on, has pink short tubular elateridse grouped in head-blooms.


Other records are biogeographically unlikely, for example a record at Mt. A male specimen was recorded foraging elwteridae a flower Laserpitium silerApiaceae: We would thank K. TurkeyCardiophorus anatolicus sp.

Flateridae others species inhabit either grasslands or clearings; also in this cases the usage of flowering plants resources is possible. Anoplischius bicarinatus Candeze, Anoplischius brevipes Schwarz, Anoplischius flavescens Schwarz, Anoplischius maculicollis Blanchard, Anoplischius mutabilis Schwarz, Anoplischius riparus Candeze, Crepidius castaneus Blanchard, Crepidius flabellifer Erichson, Dicrepidius ramicornis Palis, Dipropus fatuellus Cans.

Beetle pollination in tropical forests of Australia. We hypothesize that adults integrate their diet with flower resources according to a generalist strategy. How can this discontinuous distribution be explained? Families and subfamilies of Coleoptera with selected genera, notes, references and data on family-group names.

Campylomorphus homalisinus of the picture was collected foraging on flowers of Laserpitium siler Apiaceae.

IranDicronychus gurjevae sp.