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EUROLITE NX silver + Timer controller No classic club and no big stage can do without it: the smoke-machine. It is not only its power-output. EUROLITE NB ICE Bodennebler. will be ordered for you. EUR ยท EUROLITE LED FE Hybrid Laserflower. 1 piece on stock. EUR EUROLITE DMX Stage Control, den Scheinwerfern EUROLITE PAR (Dimmer- Modus) und der. Nebelmaschine EUROLITE NX (Switch-Modus).

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The operation in an unsufficiently ventilated room can lead to a condensation of the smoke fluid. Shopping Cart You do not have any products in your shopping cart yet. Never drink fluid or use it on the inside or outside of a human body.

EUROLITE NB-150 ICE Low Fog Machine (Light Stage & Disco)

Please consider that unauthorized modifications on the device are forbidden due to safety reasons! Operate the device only after having familiarized with its functions. If you follow the instructions given in this manual, we are sure that you will enjoy this device for a long period of time. Show all articles of the category “Multimedia Technic”. In-Ear Monitoring 44 Results Alle anzeigen.

Studioblitz 73 Results Alle anzeigen. The remote control’s interface allows the operator to customize fog machine functions by adjusting fogging duration, interval and volume.

Made in Germany Color: Weisskopf or via email: Before rigging make sure that the nx-1550 area can hold a minimum point load of 10 times the device’s weight. Please contact us for a discount package deal. Should there be any, consult your dealer and do not euroliite the device. Before filling the device disconnect from mains. Eurolite smoke fluid – Made in Germany Trust is good, control is of course better – therefore we test our smoke fluids according to valid norms to meet the legal requirements, for example the REACH act.


Euorlite remove the serial barcode from the device as this would make the guarantee void. Permanently no longer available. Connect the Remote Controloutput of the first device with the Remote Control-input of the next device. The rack should be provided with a cooling fan.

Triangle Truss Results Alle anzeigen. This device is constructed for a standing or hanging installation.

Video-Soft- und Hardware Results Alle anzeigen. Make sure that the power-switch is set to OFF position before you connect the device to the mains. The manual control cannot be used in DMX euroltie. Wireless Microphone Components Results Alle anzeigen.

EUROLITE : User manual

Dicroic-Filters 34 Results Alle anzeigen. Diverse Results Alle anzeigen. Never let the power-cord come into contact with other cables! Commerce Template by www. Show all articles of the category “Audio Technology”. Addressing Each device occupies 1 channel.

Eurlite Results Alle anzeigen. Should you have further questions, please contact your dealer. The individual functions are desribed in the following.


Create a new account Create a company account. Write your personal eeurolite with this article now and help others with their purchasing decision. There are no serviceable parts inside the device. Via the Function key, you can move in the menu. Der Aufbau entspricht der Schutzklasse I.

Not possible for international shipments. If ns-150 gets in contact with skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. In order to create a good effect, there should be a distance between the device and the audience of at least 1. Please use a soft lint-free and moistened cloth. Show all articles of the category “Accessories “.

EUROLITE NB ICE Low Fog Machine (Light Stage & Disco)

Components for Audio Multicore 38 Results Alle anzeigen. This device has left our premises in absolutely perfect condition. The number of nx-15 depends on the pollution level of the vaporizing elements. Milos Structural Systems 20 Results Alle anzeigen.

Eurolite NX-150 Remote, Timer 5-pol, suitable for Eurolite NX-150 Fog Machine

Kurzschluss, Brand, elektrischem Schlag, etc. Merz Powerdistributor 13 Results Alle anzeigen. Clean the escape nozzle frequently from smoke fluid residues. Cartridges for turntables 5 Results Alle anzeigen. Litec Manfrotto Results Alle anzeigen. Improper installation can result in bodily injury and or damage to property.