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This is where you can find all your answers about the Eurail pass and get Search train times and connections across Europe, plus check which trains ask for a. Find out information about looking up train times in Europe before and during your rail Your Eurail Pass allows for extremely flexible travel. With a Eurail Pass and comfortable Italian trains, the entire country is within .. Use the Eurail train timetable or Trenitalia timetable to check times for trains in.

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For example, passes don’t cover the Euskotren narrow-gauge local trains in Spain, the Circumvesuviana railway Naples-Pompeii-Sorrento or the Jungfrau line in Switzerland.

In other words, in this example the pass must have been validated at a station and the overall 1 or 2-month validity period started, on or before 2 August, even though the first day written into any of the five date boxes on the pass would be 3 August. Your cart is empty. You have already subscribed to this newsletter! The Via Ferrata iron ways are the steel ladders and fixed cables in the Dolomite mountains Dolomiti that make climbing a safe experience for both beginning and advanced climbers.

These night trains operate to and from Italy: For example, different types of train may serve one route, and only the faster or more comfortable type requires a reservation.

Free and discounted ferry travel is an extra benefit of the Eurail Italy Pass. Known for its fabulous nightlife and high-energy pace, Milan is a modern mecca for the young and the young-at-heart.

Back to top Germany Eurail passes give unlimited travel on Prague to Krakow or Warsaw by sleeper train: To make use of the Choose the right pass. Consider buying a normal advance-purchase ticket instead.

Train Times In Europe On Your Eurail Trip | Eurail Blog

You can make passholder reservations within Finland online at www. Different trains run on different schedules. Vaporetti city ferries are the main mode of public transport in Venice. People often eursilpass that the trains in the booklet are the only trains you’re allowed to take with your Eurail pass.


To Budapest from Munich by RailJet: Prague to Budapest or Bratislava by EuroCity train: They are relatively fast and make fewer stops than timetavle trains. Find more information here Find this event on Facebook.

So even a single-country France or Benelux pass allows to to book a cheap Eurostar trip to London. Though there may be seat reservations or small supplements to pay on certain trains, more about that below.

Eurail train timetable

A 1-hour flight takes up to 4 hours once you include the bus or train to the airport, 2-hour check-in, flight, then more airport hassle and another bus, train or taxi into town. Keep in mind that even if a train is included in your Pass, you still may need to make a reservation. Back to top Spain Eurail passes give unlimited travel on Write in the dates as you go along. Passes are not valid on the Moscow-Paris Express at all. Timetabke to top Bosnia Eurail passes give unlimited travel on Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

You have already subscribed to this newsletter! The majority of the Italian network is operated by Trenitalia. Places to visit in Italy.

No reservations necessary and nothing extra to pay on any normal Danish domestic train, including Danish Timetabble trains. If you’re a UK citizen travelling in Europe, you should apply for a free European Health Euraiilpass Card, which entitles you to free or reduced rate health care if you become ill or get injured in many European countries, under a reciprocal arrangement eurailass the NHS.

If you live in any other country in Asia, Africa or South America buy from www. Italy Itinerary Suggested Itineraries.

You eurialpass ask for a seat reservation at the station before boarding, free of charge. The French Railways website now has a special page for passholder reservations: Please note that routes may change throughout the year. Trenitalia regional trains Do not require reservations. We can deliver to a home or work address.


Some car hire companies won’t let their cars cross borders, others charge prohibitive fees for one-way cross-border rentals. This journey is unique. So if you demand flexibility, this is the price with which to compare the cost per day of a pass.

Flexi passes give a set number of days unlimited travel within a longer overall period of time, for example 10 days in 2 months, although there are various periods available.

But with our passes we easily diverted via Milan-Zurich-Cologne-Rotterdam. This protection covers the cost of replacement tickets up to the remaining value of timetale Pass, if it gets lost or stolen.

All the trains listed in the table below are included euralpass the Eurail Italy Pass so if a reservation is required, you only need to pay the reservation fee.

For comparison, you can check British point-to-point fares using the online form here or at www. Taking out an extra credit card costs nothing, but euraiopass you keep it in a different part of your luggage you won’t be left stranded if your wallet gets stolen. Even Paris-Barcelona 6h20 is better by train, with great scenery centre eurailpaas centre compared to 5 hours of RER train, airport, soulless flight, airport, then Spanish metro train.

You can look up the available pass types, time periods and prices at the official Eurail website, www. A Eurail Selectpass covers your choice of any 2, 3 or 4 neighbouring countries. Get free and discounted ferry travel from mainland Italy to:. If you’re looking for the station nearest to your hotel, you can use Google Maps to find it.