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The link between Hitlerism and a millenarian, necessarily esoteric, and in any case suggestive tradition is a thesis that Miguel Serrano enunciated in Chile well . However, after the war and its apparent loss, there was no other way for Hitlerism than the esoteric development. For me, Esoteric Hitlerism is being possessed. French-born Greek-English writer Savitri Devi was the first major post-war exponent of what has since become known as Esoteric Hitlerism. According to that.

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Serrano refers to Genesis 6. The spinal cord of man is a Pole and is also the Iggdrasil, the Tree of Terror. Half a decade of intentional media disinformation has made the object and subject of the UFO a laughing stock. Moreover, she was the first to discover the secret and spiritual power behind Hitlerism. They will be able to travel to the Other, Inner Earth, where the King of the Gral and the Amada, who hands them the Gral and helps them to understand it, awaits.

Hitlerism is a cosmogonic conception, a totalitarian and theocratic Weltanschauung, in opposition to the totalitarian and demoniac cosmogonic conception of the Jews. It is the Gral. All forming the V, or 5.

This does not mean that in the Thule Society there were not great personalities, like Rudolf Hess, Alfred Rosenberg and Gottfried Feder, the real creator of the economy of the Third Reich. Quotes from the book.

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This fact creates such a confusion and internal drama, that it drove the last two to madness. Mission in the Transhimalaya]. Santa Luciaapartment 71, and Santa Lucia6 “C”.

Find Rare Books Book Value. Germany was One Folk, One Being.

The human body is also a castle, a mountain fsoteric a Zodiac. The world thus becomes the combat zone between the dwindling Hyperboreans and the Demiurge and his forces of entropy.

The Hand is also a human body. They have steeled themselves over hiylerism past century fighting first the British, then the Muslims, then Nehruvian secularists.

I am opposed to Darwin in my conception of race. Schocken Books [, c]; London: From there, in comes the dramatic involutionary story of the mixture of the pure race with the original earthly beings. This extraordinary theme is explored in my book Adolf Hitler: A Record of Two Friendshipswas published. Editorial Kier; London, Boston: Could you describe to us, even if very briefly, some of them you knew?

Miguel Serrano

About Contatta Blacksun Sole Nero. The UFO is the round wholeness of the central Self. Invictus Press, 93 Pages. Nothing can stop the Archetype. We will resist and fight with all the means at our disposal. Because the North is now the South.

Esoteric Nazism

All below the heart is of the Golden Sun. In the human body, this represents the heart and up. Gustav Meyrink utilizes this ancient Hebrew idea and applies it to the Golem, in his novel of the same name. Taking part in the second Chilean expedition to the frozen continent, the author traveled to Antarctica in with the secret objective of finding the fresh water Oases.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: But, in any case, they tried hard to produce the Over-man esoeric using blood alchemy — the Absolute Man. As religious scholars Frederick C. Beautiful second English edition in shrinkwrap. Retrieved from ” https: Life is able to be spiritualized and the economy is put bitlerism second place.

Some of these claims of Charroux have influenced the beliefs of Esoteric Nazism such as the work of Miguel Serrano.

Miguel Serrano – Wikipedia

Definitions Economics Fascism and ideology Fascism worldwide Symbolism. What a pity that my books Adolf Hitler: He never had any direct contact with the regime. This is an old Aryan concept, hitleridm is not unlike traditional Greek thought, and the initiation of the Mysteries of Apollo and Dyonisus. Atlantis, Edda and Bible: Here she attempts a synthesis of Nazism and the Hindu cyclic view of time.

This gives me hope and hitlrism energies to continue with the fight. It is a way to transmute a hero into God.