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Tackifying Resin, Product Description: Escorez™ LC is a premium aromatic modified aliphatic hydrocarbon resin with a narrow molecular weight. Product datasheets and sales specifications for Escorez™ tackifying resins. Africa & Middle Escorez™ LC (AM & EU), 18, , Escorez™ , PRODUCT NAME: ESCOREZ series .. THE FOLLOWING MATERIALS: Petroleum hydrocarbon resin ECR | Escorez LC |.

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Please contact us at webmaster matweb. Claim 1 of auxiliary request 2 corresponds to Claim 1 of auxiliary request 1, except that the component a was defined as follows:.

The peel strength is measured by a PSTC-1 test. Vector S-I-S–A linear polystyrene-polyisoprene-polystyrene triblock copolymer supplied by Dexco Polymers having a styrene content of Method for the determination of the resin colour: The control of the amount of cyclic structures can be carried out by varying the catalyst level and the reaction temperature.

Details of Escorez Import Data Under HS Code 39111090 in June

Suitable extender oils are selected from the group of aromatic oils, naphthenic oils, paraffinic oils or mixtures of those. In preparation for the oral proceedings before the Board, scheduled for 26 Junethe Appellant, with a letter dated 21 Junefiled further submissions including three sets of claims as bases for a new eecorez request and auxiliary requests 1 and 2 to replace all former requests.

The patent, entitled “Low viscosity hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive compositions” was granted with thirteen claims, Claims 1, 9 and 10 reading as follows: Lange LICO apparatus. A preferred hot melt pressure sensitive composition according to the inventlon comprises a mixture of: Inventive step had already been discussed in the opposition proceedings and in the written appeal proceedings, and the amended main request did not give rise to any further matters which the Respondents were not in a position to address.

The resins of example 4b and 4d show good ball tack and sufficiently high shear strengths. The catalyst used in the examples was a 52 wt96 AlCl3 solution. Method for the determination of the NMR spectra: In this embodiment, the petroleum tackifier resin ii to be included may have an MMAP of 90 C of less, but this is not essential. Escorez LC–A petroleum resin available from Exxon containing about 0.

Import Data and Price of hydrocarbon resin from france | Zauba

It is however found that feedstocks containing cycloolefinic and cyclodiolefinic components like cyclopentadiene and dicyclopentadiene contribute to more cyclic and rigid structures in the resins which eventually wscorez in a better adhesive performance in a hot melt pressure sensitive formulation see example 3.


To see MatWeb’s complete data sheet for this material including material property data, metal compositions, material suppliers, etcplease click the button below. The term “cyclic structure” is defined as any structure feature which serves escotez increase the level of crosslinking or network structure in the resin. Therefore D29, which was made available to the public before 223 second priority date of 28 Novemberbecame citable prior art.

The label of claim 15, wherein the hot melt pressure sensitive composition is selected from a styrene-isoprene-styrene S-I-S polymer, a styrene-butadiene SB polymer, a styrene-butadiene-styrene SBS polymer, an ethylene-vinylacetate-polymer EVAand a butadiene-vinylacetate-polymer BVA. EP EPB2 en Admissibility of late filed requests: Particularly preferred application forms are adhesive tapes and labels.

We advise esdorez you only escoerz the original value or one of its raw conversions eecorez your calculations to minimize rounding error. Claim 1 of the main request reads as follows: Claim 1 of auxiliary request 3 differs from Claim 1 of auxiliary request 1 by the following modifications: The petroleum-based resin used in this invention is preferably the Friedel-Crafts polymerization product of a cracked petroleum feed containing C5 olefins and diolefins or a mixture of C5 and C6 olefins and diolefins copolymerized with a C4 or C5 olefin or dimers thereof used as chain transfer agent.

It was found that a higher reaction temperature resulted in a more cyclic structure reflected by a lower molecular weight when the resin softening point is kept constant. A hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive composition according to claims 6 to 9 which contains parts by weight of a petroleum-based aliphatic resin, parts by weight of a polymer and parts by weight of an extender oil.

While the invention has been described with respect to specific embodiments, it should be escprez that they are not intended to be limited, and that variations and modifications are possible without departing from the scope of the appended claims. In the light of the above, the problem to be solved is seen in the provision of an HMPSA tape escirez process which can be operated at coating speeds in excess of those exemplified in D Hercules Piccotac x95E hvdrocarbon resin – A petroleum resin without any polymerized aromatic components having a softening point of about 95 C and number average molecular weight of about Dalton.


US USA en According to the process for preparing escoeez adhesive tape according to Claim 1: Firstly, aromates are relatively expensive, and the use of no aromate would make the resin cheaper.

The Opposition Division stated that Mr. The thus obtained polymer-solvent mixtures may be stripped to remove unreacted hydrocarbons, solvents and low molecular weight oligomers. A preferred hot melt pressure sensitive composition according to the invention comprises a mixture of:.

Prior art resins with no aromatic modification failed to attain the above properties to a satisfactory extent. Example 1 Table 1 shows the effect of using more catalyst for a feed with and a feed without cyclodiolefinic components on the final resin properties.

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Concerning the issues of admissibility of the Appellant’s requests and inventive step the Respondents argued as follows: D29, which was made available esxorez the public before the date of the second priority 28 Novemberis therefore escorsz prior art. J a number of physicochemical 25 properties which are indicative for cyclic structures. To determine the Gardner color the resin was mixed with reagent grade toluene at room temperature until all the resin was dissolved.

All resins mentioned herein were prepared in a continuous process, but a batch production would also be possible. Where used, the amount of extender oil is added at a level up to about 70 parts per weight per parts block copolymer, more preferably in a range from about 5 to about 50 parts by weight.

The reaction time is typically from about 1. Table 4 illustrates the advantage of using a feed containing more cycloolefins and cyclodiolefins. It was argued that the requests were late filed and suffered from a number of new deficiencies under Articles 83, 84 and 2. Boards of Appeal Contact us using an online form. A process for preparing an adhesive tape comprising: Examples of diolefins are cis and trans-piperylene 1,3-pentadiene1,4-pentadiene, isoprene, 1,3-hexadiene and 1,4-hexadiene.

Especially 4b, 4c and 4d are good examples of resins made according to this invention. Sequentially polymerized styrene-isoprene-styrene block copolymer adhesive composition.