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Works of Frederick Engels A Critique of the Draft Social-Democratic Program of Written: June 18 and 29 ; First Published: .. Erfurt Program. Das Erfurter Programm (German Edition) – Kindle edition by Karl Kautsky. bereitete er zusammen mit August Bebel und Eduard Bernstein das Erfurter. The Erfurt Program of the German Social Democratic Party (). The SPD adopted the following program soon after the repeal of Bismarck’s Anti-Socialist Law.

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The knowledge that such a right under present circumstances is just as Utopian as it would be contrary to the nature of a socialist community, has led others to deny trade unions any lasting part in economic life In this connection it should be noted that we would be taken in good and proper by labour chambers made up half of workers and half of entrepreneurs.

This social transformation amounts to the emancipation not only of the proletariat, but of the entire human race, which is suffering from current conditions. Fixing of a normal working day with a maximum of eight hours.

Programma di Erfurt – Wikipedia

A new legislature every two years. The private ownership of the means of production, once the means for securing prpgramm the producer the ownership of his product, has today become the means for expropriating farmers, artisans, and small merchants, and for putting the non-workers — capitalists, large landowners — into possession of the product of the workers.

This page was last edited on 11 Julyat Inspection of all industrial businesses, investigation and regulation of labor relations in town and country by an Imperial department of labor, district labor department, and chambers of labor. Education of all to bear arms. Annual voting of taxes. Its commerce with China demands such a right to protest. Graduated income and property tax for defraying all public expenditures, to erfurteer extent that they are to be paid for by taxation.


The Erfurt Program

Abolition of all contributions from public funds to ecclesiastical and religious objects. Abolition of all laws that limit or suppress the free expression of opinion and restrict or suppress the right of association and assembly.

Related articles in Google Scholar. If it is enough to speak only of capitalists here, it should be so above as well.

In the hands of their appropriators or their owners the social means of labour have become means of exploitation. Eduard Bernstein, Evolutionary Socialismtrans. Direct legislation of the people by means of the initiative and referendum. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. This document came to define ‘orthodox’ socialist theory before the October Revolution of caused a major split in the international socialist movement.

I would leave mines Bergwerkewhich is a word used even in the most level parts prgramm the country, and I would designate them all erfurtet this widely used term.

Slavery after Rome, — June 18 and 29 ; First Published: To my view the programme should be as short and precise as possible. Instead of this declamatory phrase, which looks as though we still regret the ruin of the bourgeois and petty bourgeois, I should state the simple fact: Direct legislation by the people through the rights of proposal and rejection.

But just as little as it is to be wished that any other of progamm great civilized nations should lose its independence, just as little can it be a matter of indifference to German social democracy whether the German nation, which has indeed carried out, and is carrying out, its honorable share in the civilizing work of the world, should be repressed in the council of the nations.


Nowhere more so than in Germany does the right of association require guarantees also from the state. Supervision of all industrial establishments, investigation and regulation of working conditions in the cities and the countryside by a Reich labor department, district labor bureaus, and chambers of labor.

Erfurt Program – Wikipedia

What is capitalist private production? If such a distinction should be made, it should in any case be expressed more clearly or explained in a commentary appended to the draft. Appeal in criminal cases.

Settlement of all international disputes by arbitration. Graduated tax on income and property, to meet all public expenses as far as these are to be covered by taxation. Compensation for elected representatives. Ever greater grows the number of proletarians, ever more enormous the army of surplus workers, ever sharper the opposition between exploiters and exploited, ever bitterer the class war between bourgeoisie and proletariat, which divides modern society into two hostile camps and is the common characteristic of all industrial countries.

If one wishes to specify, however, it is generally not enough to mention them alone. Workmen’s insurance to be taken over bodily by the Empire; and the workers to have an ervurter share in its administration.