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Translated by Susan Reynolds Introduction by Susan Reynolds. Kytice was inspired by Erben’s love of Slavonic myth and the folklore surrounding such. – ČTENÁŘSKÝ DENÍK: Holoubek (Kytice) (2) (Karel Jaromír Erben) – Žena, která otrávila svého muže, se prochází po hřbitově, když vtom jede okolo pohledný mladík. Kytice (celá kniha / e-book). The Bouquet – Kytice – e-kniha proslul sbírkou Kytice z pověstí národních, vydanou poprvé roku a Je to jediná sbírka básní, kterou K. J. Erben vy- dal.

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This got him wondering how he could use them. Maiden, you showed good sense indeed, To think on God in time kyice need, And from your evil groom were freed!

Witches, goblins and revenants abound, often clashing with the Christian church. Ballads are easy to understand and reader can also easily remember them.

And this she interprets as a presage of bad news. God give him strength for the pilgrimage before him! Knihha tales from my cultural past, collected in the mid-nineteenth century, feel very foreign to the modern world.

The reason why he’s not better known in the outside world, of course, is the notorious difficulty of translating poetry, and I’m hoping that when – as we hope next year – these poems are going to be published in translation, this will do something to make him wider known in the rest of the world, as he deserves to be. Three years he’s been lyingThe dead man, in his grave; On the mound that marks it Fresh green grasses wave.

The water-goblin comes to claim his bride, the mother angrily refuses to let her daughter out. An authentic fairy tale, one neither too artificially sweetened or full of obnoxious modern psychological undertones, is difficult to describe but instantly recognisable.


Want kyitce Read Currently Reading Read. And sure enough, the first one, Hana, does.

So, people may be familiar with the stories, but not actually with the poems knihs. But once she’s back again, and has a joyful reunion with her mother, her mother won’t let her go.

While I generally prefer translations that aim for literal meaning, these tales seem best captured and conveyed through erven and rhythm, so the translation seems fine. Out comes a girl, a flower so fair She has no equal anywhere.

And now we’ve reached the climax: And finally, could you say something about the edition, published by Jantar Publishing? Czech photographer in Cambodia: I aim to tell a story through my photographs. View all 5 comments. I came across Kytice after kytiec an interview in which it was recommended by author Helen Oyeyemi, and I am thankful for her for bringing attention to this lovely little book. Are there any other things that make them stand out as being particularly Bohemian or Central European?

Kniha: Kytice – Karel Jaromír Erben |

Time is flying, flying; Hours, years, have their term; One thing never changes: Kyticd don’t think that’s entirely the translators fault: For example spinning is very important. We’ll end with another of the poems from “Kytice” – “The Bouquet”.

The corpse, as he had risen before, Suddenly sprawled upon the floor, And all was quiet outside the room— The crowd had fled—and her evil groom.

Erben is to Czechs what the Brothers Grimm are to German literature, and every Czech child can recite extracts from these ballads of water sprites, witches and maidens at the spinning wheel. He always believed, not only as Herder thinks, that the soul of the people is enshrined in the music, but also that the music comes first and the words come later. I read the version translated by Marcela Sulak with artwork by Alen Divis.


Well, I think if I’d been more expert when I started with the first of the poems, “The Golden Spinning Wheel”which is over lines long, I would probably never have dared to start. Water’s flowing, flowing, Wave on wave is surging, See there, among the waves, A white dress emerging.

Karel Jaromir Erben – one of the greatest of all Czech poets, now at last in English translation

The format is a little difficult to get used to, but Kytice is an astonishing piece of work on behalf of both the author, Karel Erben, and perhaps even more so, the translator, Susan Reynolds. Which is sad because I would have otherwise enjoyed kytlce tales a lot more than I did. These tales are full of darkness and violence true, for what is a fairy tale without spilled blood? The stories are very original and beautifully written. That’s quite a moral tale at the end, isn’t it? I will never listen to Noon Witch the same way again!

Thanks for telling us about the problem. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The girl is homesick for her mother; her only light is her child.

When I have children I would be happy to read at least half of these tales to them before their bedtime. And Neruda continues in the same tone. This locates it precisely in this context, as do the activities which people undertake. Books for this programme supplied by Shakespeare and Sons.

They pulled her to the bank, Secretly to lie Buried where footpaths cross In a field of rye.