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La histología regional del conducto del epidídimo en el perro comprende cinco regiones histológicamente distintas y continuas. Dos de las. Test Histologia aparato reprodutor epididimoenEpididimo Cual epitelio presenta el Epididimo?. Cuales fibras que rodean?. Cual epitélio. Histology and testicular and epididimal ultraestructure in Anolis sagrei (Sauria: Polychrotidae)/Histologia y ultraestructura testicular y del epididimo de Anolis.

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Fine structure of the monkey epididymis. Hence, there is always an overlapping of morphological characteristics between two adjacent regions. Morphology of the bovine epididymis. The hhistologia of the rat epididymis.

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The epithelium contained nistologia same three cell types, similar to other zones. Thus, the zone V was characterized by lower epithelium, greater luminal diameter, greater sperm concentration, denser and shorter stereocilia, and a thicker smooth-muscle wall, comparatively to other epididymal zones.

A cells in zone II are similar, in appearance, to those found in the initial segment.

Initial segment zone I. The cell boundaries are indistinct, and a large number of long stereocilia projects from the apical cell surfaces to the lumen.


The epithelial lining of all histological zones in the dog epididymidis contains, mainly, three cell types: Casilla D Temuco mdelsol ufro. The zone Hkstologia comprises the distal head and all the epididymal body. However, in this study the zone II is restricted to the head of the dog epididymidis exclusively.


Histology histolovia histochemistry of corpus epididymis in indian buffaloes Bubalus bubalis at different ages of maturity. HAMILTON reported that epididymis is a dynamic structure of the seminal pathway, and its complex morphophysiology does not agree with the concept that epididymis would have merely a passive influence on sperm physiology.

Histologia aparato reprodutor epididimo

Zur Struktur und Bedeutung der Epithelien immenschliechen Ductus epididymis. The muscular coat, surrounding the duct, almost does not epididomo in thickness From the average values for each animal and its distinct epididymal zones, arithmetic means and s. P cells were the major cell type, and possessed slightly shorter; irregular stereocilia, with ovoid and elongated nuclei located at the middle part of the cells.

Ultrastructural observations suggesting merocrine secretion in the initial histoligia of the mammalian epididymis.

It is observed zone I and zone II, both of them localized into the head. Regional differences in the morphology of the goat epididymis: These cells are arranged in a distinct layer, disposed immediately over the basal lamina.


A light microscope study.

#epididimo medias

Ultrastructural differences in efferent ducts and several regions of the epididymis of the hamster. P cells have round nuclei, with one or two evident nucleoli; stereocilia are regular and shorter forming a brush border.

The epithelial lining measures P cells are also the most common epithelial cell type found in this zone. Histochemical localization of carbonic anhydrase in the testis and epididymis of the boar. Epodidimo are tall cells, which extend from the basal lamina to the lumen.

The adluminal stereocilia are long. The tall columnar P cells have round to spherical nuclei with one or two distinct nucleoli, and usually the nuclei are localized in the lower half of the cells.

The last region Vis continuous to the vas deferens Fig. The A cells are fewer in number than the other cell types, and can be distinguished from P cells by their epidivimo globlet shape, and apically located nuclei. The irregular lumen of the ductus have a diameter of