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Executive Order Revised Adjudicative Guidelines for Determining Eligibility for Access to Classified Information. ADJUDICATIVE GUIDELINES FOR . Presidential Document Type: Executive Order; E.O. Citation: E.O. of Aug 2, ; E.O. Notes: Amended by: EO , June 30, ;;. National Security Council, Intelligence Programs, and Edward Appel, “Executive Order – Access to Classified Information [4],” Clinton Digital Library.

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Employee Education and Assistance. The unauthorized disclosure of information classified in the national interest can cause irreparable damage to the national security and loss of human life.

Retrieved August 23, Views Read Edit View history. It included a proviso that “No negative inference” about eligibility “may be raised solely on the basis of mental health counseling. No inference concerning the standards in this section may be raised solely on the basis of the sexual orientation of the employee. eeo

Executive Order 12968 – Access to Classified Information [4]

Basis for Eligibility Approval. In such case, the decision of the agency head shall be final. Requesting or approving eligibility in excess of actual requirements is prohibited.

Asexual Bisexual Heterosexual Homosexual. Office of the Federal Register Date: These requirements constituted a response to the recent Aldrich Ames spy case. President Bill Clinton on August 2, Social attitudes Prejudice Violence. Where circumstances indicate employees may be inadvertently exposed to classified information in the course of their duties, agencies are authorized to grant or deny, in their discretion, facility access approvals to such employees based on an appropriate level of investigation as determined by each agency.

Security policies eeo to protect classified information must ensure consistent, cost effective, and efficient protection of our Nation’s classified information, while providing fair and equitable treatment to those Americans upon whom we rely to guard our national security.


This section does not require additional proceedings, however, and creates no procedural or substantive rights.

Executive Order – Access to Classified Information [4] · Clinton Digital Library

The power and responsibility to deny or terminate access to classified information pursuant to any ek or other Executive order may be exercised only where the agency head determines that the procedures prescribed in subsection a of this section cannot be invoked in a manner that is consistent with national security.

Lesbiangaybisexualand transgender LGBT topics. In other projects Wikisource. Applicants or employees shall be required to provide relevant information pertaining to their background and character for use in investigating and adjudicating their eligibility for access. The federal government had for decades assumed that homosexuality constituted a disqualification for holding a security clearance, despite the opposite findings of the U.

Employees shall be subject to appropriate sanctions if they knowingly and willfully grant eligibility for, or allow access to, classified information in violation of this order or its implementing regulations. Access by Non-United States Citizens. Dixon Osburn and Michelle M. A the nature, contents, algorithm, preparation, or use of any code, cipher, or cryptographic system or; B the design, construction, functioning, maintenance, or repair of any cryptographic equipment; but not including information concerning the use of cryptographic equipment and services; 4 particularly sensitive special access programs, the disclosure of which would substantially negate or impair the effectiveness of the information or activity involved; or 5 especially sensitive nuclear weapons design information but only for those positions that have been certified as being of a high degree of importance or sensitivity, as described in section f fo the Atomic Energy Act ofas amended.

Executive Order 12968

You have selected to open If you would like to not see this alert again, please click the “Do not show me this again” check box below. To the extent possible and consistent with the national security interests of the United States, such procedures shall be consistent with the standards and procedures established by and under this order.


A determination under section 2. Such counseling can be a positive factor in eligibility determinations. Do not show me this again Cancel Continue.

To the extent that this order is 21968 with any provision 129668 any prior Executive order, this order shall control, except that this order shall not diminish or otherwise affect the requirements of Executive Order No. It also said that “no inference” about suitability for access to classified information “may be raised solely on the basis of the sexual orientation of the employee.

The Government has gone beyond simply ceasing to be a hostile and vicious adversary and has now become an ally. The unauthorized disclosure of information classified in the national interest can cause irreparable damage to the national security and loss of human life.

Executive Order – Wikipedia

Elizabeth Birchexecutive director of the Human Rights Campaign Fundcalled the Executive Order “an important step toward ending governmentally sanctioned job-discrimination against gay and lesbian people. This order establishes a uniform Federal personnel security program for employees who will be considered for initial or continued access to classified information. Sexual orientations Asexual Bisexual Heterosexual Homosexual.

It established uniform policies for allowing employees of the federal government access to classified information. Gender and Sexual Diversity Erotic target location error Gender roles Human female sexuality Human male sexuality Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures Intersex Hermaphrodite.