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ENFERMEDAD DE MINAMATA Síndrome causado por envenenamiento por mercurio. ENVENENAMIENTO POR MERCURIO PRODUCCIÓN. 国立水俣病総合研究センターホームページへようこそ!水俣病に関する情報等を掲載し ています。. ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DEPARTMENTMINI.

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In Februarythe mercury distribution in Minamata Bay was investigated.

Minamata Disease The History and Measures [MOE]

One of the Chisso trade unions held an eight-hour strike in protest at the poor treatment of the arbitration group by their own company. A more complete picture of the symptoms exhibited by patients was gradually uncovered. Georgethe environmental protests enfermeedad surrounded the disease appeared to aid in the democratization of Japan. Accessed 4 January Despite these factors, over 17, people have applied to the council for certification.

The company enfermsdad not reveal these significant results to the investigators and ordered Hosokawa to stop his research. The first exhibition of his photographs of Minamata was held in the Fuji Photo Salon in Tokyo inand the first of his book-length anthologies, Minamata Diseasewas published in Japan in In light of the government announcement, the patients of entermedad Mutual Aid Society decided to ask for a new compensation agreement with Chisso and submitted the demand on the 6th of October.

To qualify for compensation under the agreement, patients had to be officially recognised by various ad hoc certification committees according to their symptoms. This led the researchers to believe that the outbreak was caused by some enfermerad of food poisoningwith contaminated fish and shellfish being the prime suspects.

Their FY and FY reports refer to Minamata disease as ” mad hatter’s disease “, a term coined from the mercury poisoning experienced by hat-makers of the last few centuries cf. Despite the almost universal assumption to the contrary, the wastewater treatment facilities installed in December had no effect on the level of organic ninamata being released into the Shiranui Sea.


Timeline of Minamata disease.

Photographic documentation of Minamata started in the early s. Scientists are testing natural products against methylmercury induced toxicity.

A follow-up study ten years later discovered that many had died from “unknown causes”.

This highly toxic chemical bioaccumulated in shellfish and fish in Minamata Bay and the Shiranui Seawhich, when eaten by the local populationresulted in mercury poisoning. Signs and symptoms include ataxianumbness in the hands and feet, general muscle weaknessenfermedar of peripheral visionand damage to hearing and speech.

Minamata Disease The History and Measures

The physicians were puzzled by her symptoms: However, in an effort to limit the liability and financial burden on ,inamata company, these committees were sticking to a rigid interpretation of Minamata disease.

The struggle now focused on to what extent the victims should be compensated. New Risks new Injustice. Despite bad weather, the service was attended by over people, including Chisso chairman Shunkichi Goto and Environment Minister Yuriko Koike. Indeed, Chisso enfermmedad later set up a subsidiary to reclaim and sell the mercury recovered from the sludge.

Un deshonroso podio para Colombia

On May 1, the hospital director reported to the local public health office the discovery of an ” epidemic of an unknown disease of the central nervous system “, marking the official discovery of Minamata disease. She was ignored, her family’s fishing boat used without permission, their fishing nets were cut, and human faeces were thrown at her in the street.


These pollutants had an environmental impact. Often these patients find themselves tied to their own homes and the care of their family, effectively isolated from the local community. Itai-itai disease Minamata disease ,inamata Minamata disease Yokkaichi asthma. The years between the first set of “sympathy money” agreements in and the start of the first legal action to be taken against Chisso in are often called the “ten years of silence”.

Un deshonroso podio para Colombia

The Chisso Corporation first opened a chemical factory in Minamata in Chisso Corporation official site. Also, in recognising an applicant as a Minamata disease sufferer, the certification council qualified that patient to receive financial compensation from Chisso. mina,ata

Smith was himself attacked and seriously injured by Chisso employees in an incident in Goi, Ichihara city, near Tokyo on January 7,in an attempt to stop the photographer from further revealing the issue to the world. The fnfermedad Minamata disease and Niigata Minamata disease are considered two of the four big pollution diseases of Japan. Chisso installed a Cyclator purification system on December 19,and opened it with a special ceremony.

Two days later, her younger sister also began to exhibit the same symptoms and she, too, was hospitalised.