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EN25FQCP 8 Mbit Serial Flash Memory with 4kbytes Uniform Sector. 8 Mbit Serial Flash Details, datasheet, quote on part number: EN25FQCP . EN25F80 Datasheet PDF Download – 8 Mbit Serial Flash Memory, EN25F80 data sheet. Eon EN25F80 datasheet, 8 Mbit Serial Flash Memory (1-page), EN25F80 datasheet, EN25F80 pdf, EN25F80 datasheet pdf, EN25F80 pinouts.

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Every instruction sequence starts with a one-byte instruction code. Full text of ” Datasheet: The Chip Erase CE instruction is. Then, the 8-bit instruction code for the instruction is shifted in. The device consumption drops further to I CC2.

The status and control bits of the Status Register are as follows: The device consumption drops further to. They define the size of the area to be software protected against Program and Erase instructions. Recommended Operating Ranges define those limits between which the functionality of the device is guaranteed.

EN25F80 Datasheet PDF – Eon Silicon Solution Inc.

Chip Select CS must be driven High after the eighth bit of the instruction code has been latched in, otherwise the Ddatasheet Power-down DP instruction is not executed. This memory module en5f80 sectors of 4 KB, each, as well as 16 blocks of 64 KB, each. I can chip erase but not write. High durability ofwrite cycles, data retention of 20 years, secure OTP memory block, high transfer speed, SFDP mode for easy retrieval of IC-specific information. Duration of the short circuit should not be greater than one second.


The flash memory density is usually expressed in bits, so exactly 8, bits are organized in units of 8 bits byteswhich gives 1, bytes of data memory. Here is the data in this format: There is no 20 on an Uno.

EN25F80 datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

No more than one output shorted at a time. When used only to obtain the Device ID while not in the power-down state, the instruction is initiated by driving the CS pin low and shifting the instruction code “ABh” followed by 3-dummy bytes. The device then goes into the Stand-by Power mode. The full application code, and ready to use libraries can be found on our Libstock page. Home – IC Supply – Link.

I’ll check it to see if it is constant EDIT The data has been the same the last 3 runs, so I am going to erase it and try to write.

Datasheet is here http: The provided click library is mikroSDK standard compliant.

For Mode 0 the SCK signal is normally low. They define the size of the.

8 Megabit Serial Flash Memory With 4Kbytes Uniform Sector

You can still use this for chip select. Chip Select CS must be driven High after the eighth bit of the instruction code has been latched in, otherwise the Chip Erase instruction is not executed.


Current devices will read 0 for these bit locations. EN25F80 can be configured to protect part of the memory as the software protected mode. This is followed by the internal Program cycle of duration tPP. When set to 1, such a cycle is in progress, when reset to 0 no such cycle is in progress. A dedicated WP write protect pin is used to put the device into the hardware write protect mode. There are 0 items in your cart. CS is High, the device is disabled, but could remain in the Active Power mode until all internal cycles.

And the chip I mentioned above refuses to be written to. The provided application example demonstrates the functionality of the library functions. Product successfully added to your shopping cart. Refer to Absolute Maximum ratings for the actual operating limits. Don’t know whats wrong with it.

Exposure of the device to the maximum rating values for extended periods of time may adversely affect the device reliability. There are special Dual and Quad SPI instructions, which utilize these two additional modes, allowing several times faster data transfer speeds.