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Travis Bradberry’s stories. I cover emotional intelligence and leadership performance. Endorsed by the Dalai Lama, this award-winning bestseller is an emotional intelligence book with a single purpose: increasing your EQ. Online EQ test included. Take the enhanced Emotional Intelligence Appraisal via Emotional Intelligence You will identify specific behaviors that hold you back, pinpoint strategies to.

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Take control of your self-talk I’m taking away 2 stars for that. The techniques are clear and can be followed! Weekly emotkonal bi-weekly take stock of your life and write down situations that you didn’t deal with well and then list which quality that you wanted to honor but didn’t.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

How many people did you test? Jan 05, Avolyn Fisher rated it it was amazing Shelves: Scientists have had incredible difficulty even measuring it accurately, let alone confirming it actually exists as currently imagined– to the point that it’s scientifically irresponsible to write a book without explaining the scientific caveats, especially one declaring it the most important factor of personal success. It has its pros inetlligence and simplicity of emotionwl and some cons excessive self-promotion.

We’re expected to piece together broken conversations, cryptic voicemails, and abbreviated text messages to figure out how to proceed.

Stop and ask yourself why you do the things you do. Open Preview See a Problem?


Emotional Intelligence by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves

Mar 12, Kevin Bowser rated it it was amazing. Second, when we refuse to label our emotions as either good or bad, we are able to receive them rather than fight them, and in receiving them we can then evaluate why we are feeling the way we are. This travid is excellent and the learning included in the free online test is cutting-edge. Review in a nutshell.

I strongly recommend it. Oct 22, Petra rated it it was ok Shelves: Traditional psychology practices much the same techniques, so it’s not completely surprising to find this focus. Rooted in sound research involving more thanresponses, this new edition of brdberry test will: Oct 22, Allison rated it it was amazing. Smile and laugh more 8.

It’s nice to know that average IQ doesn’t limit a person to average performance. Make your feedback direct and constructive Acknowledge the other person’s feelings The last 4 pages try to sell you more stuff. I received this book for free via Goodreads book giveaways.

All-in-all, a very enjoyable, short, and practical read. I really wish I had read this book in high school and better yet had a course in it. I found this book laying around my mom’s room and I thought it looked interesting, so I picked it up.

That is exactly what the whole book is about. Add this perpetual calendar to your emotional intelligence development work. Ttravis book gives specific strategies to increase our awareness in these areas. EQ is so critical to success that it accounts for 58 percent of performance in all types of jobs. Sorry – I don’t know of any other books – it …more I felt like this more was more of yet another “how to succeed at work” surface book.


I would recommend bradberrry book to everyone, even though some ideas seem to be “common sense” they may be overlooked or not focused on enough of the time. I wish that the test and scores were freely available i. Visualize yourself succeeding One significant criticism I have is the book’s brasberry on negative aspects of relationships, personal emotions and generally Emotional Intelligence 2. One significant criticism I have is the book’s focus on negative aspects of relationships, personal emotions and generally negative aspects of each individual’s experience.

This book is excellent and the learning included in the free online test is cutting-edge. I always find it silly to hear a man’s voice take on a fake-falsetto to try to sound like a woman.