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One of the welding processes that used in Engineering field is the electrogas welding. There are several types of welding processes similar to. Abstract. Electrogas arc welding (EGW) is used for vertical position welding of sheer strakes and hatch side coamings of container ships because of its higher. (13 mm) could be satisfactorily welded in the vertical position in a single pass. This technique is called electrogas welding (EGW). EGW has enjoyed steady.

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Setup for Electrogas Welding (EGW) | Metallurgy

A collar or clamp device, usually made of copper, holds the guide tube in position in the consumable wflding process. Check wire guide tip. The classification requirements for the chemical composition of as-manufactured solid wires and as-deposited flux cored electrogas weld metals are shown electrogxs Tables 7. BoxMiami, Florida Typical discontinuities found in EGW will be discussed later in the chapter.

Since the welding variables are usually specified in a qualified welding procedure, the form factor is rarely measured or recorded. The mechanical aspects of e1ectrogas welding are strikingly similar to those of the e1ectroslag process from which it was developed.

Arc initiation is begun in the same general fashion as in the conventional process. Automatic rather than manual changing wellding the chance that operator error will cause starting porosity.

Electrogas Welding

For gas shielded EGW an electrode extension of 40 mm is used but for self-shielding EGW it may vary between 60 to 75 mm. The process is used with or without an externally supplied shielding gas and without the application of pressure.


Sliding shoes mayor may not contain gas ports for supplying shielding gas directly into the cavity formed by the shoes and the weld groove. All welding shall be performed using the conditions given below: Even in some applications involving thinner base materials, EGW may result in cost savings because of eelctrogas efficiency and simple joint preparation.

Some standards presently permitting use of the EGW process sometimes with additional restrictions are listed below: The principle difference is that none of the equipment moves vertically during consumable guide welding.

Fit starting sump at bottom of joint and run-off tabs at top. Visit our about section to know more. If chlorinated solvents have been used to degrease or clean the workpiece, a check should be made to ensure WELD I N G that the solvent has been removed before welding.

Some e,ectrogas grades are more susceptible to centerline cracking than others.

Setup for Electrogas Welding (EGW) | Metallurgy

Vertical travel controls, either electrical, optical, or manual, maintain a given electrode extension, with the top of the movable shoe a specific distance above the molten weld pool. After reading this article you will learn about the setup for Electrogas Welding EGW with the help of diagrams. However, excessively high voltage may cause the electrode to arc to the joint sidewalls above the molten weld pool, causing unstable operation.

Check water and gas connections. High efficiency in the welding process. Operators should inspect their equipment before each weld is started to verify that the contact tip is not worn and the welding electrode feeds freely and straight.

Seth Chicago Bridge and Iron Co. Angular distortion can occur during multiple-pass applications of electrogas welding. In EGW, the heat of the welding arc causes the electrode and workpieces to melt and flow into the cavity between the parts being welded.


Only approved welding procedures should be issued to the welding foreman or welding operator. The hardness profiles of an electrogas and a shielded metal arc weld are shown in Figures 7.

This condition increases the tendency for weld cracking which usually occurs at high temperatures in conjunction with or immediately after solidification. The condition is electogas in Figures 7. Welding should not be permitted near degreasing tanks. The welding shall be done in a single pass, vertical up. Metzler Owen Steel Co. See figure 11 c. A typical EGW checklist is shown in Table 7. This procedure should be reviewed to determine its adequacy by comparison with applicable code requirements.

The relationship indicated in Figure 7. Safe Work Procedure Arc Welder.

Greater misalignment creates a variety of problems, including leakage of weld metal, irregular bead shape, poor tie-in, overlap, undercut, and loss of shielding. However, the heat-affected zone and the grain-coarsened regions of electrogas welds are narrower than those of electroslag welds of comparable electrogws.

The electrode may be oscillated for thicker work-pieces. Composition shall be reported; the requirements are those agreed to between the purchaser and supplier. Some of the factors that contribute to rapid cooling rates are large shoes with excessive water flow and lack of preheat for thick plates at low abient temperatures.